Cute Illustrations Depicting Why I Love You | Best Valentine’s Day 2016 gift for her

There is no particular day when one should make the dear ones feel special because every day is a day of love and care when you are with your other half. Don’t find the moments or events for your significant other rather create your own little moments to surprise your loved ones like never before.

Although love has no restrictions, no boundaries, although everything is fair in love & war, and despite of the fact that every day should be dedicated to the loved ones; yet we still reckon Valentine’s Day to be the day significantly made for love. This is the perfect day to pay gratitude to all those whom we love. Either by sending them a chocolate box, a teddy bear, a bouquet of flowers, greeting cards or adorable little presents to make them know how good we feel to have them around.

Do not miss the chance of February 14th this year. If your other half is sulky and off towards you, you can make her day by sending her a cute gift. Here I have an adorable collection of cute yet funny Illustrations depicting “why I love you”. It is basically a book with humorous and ironical illustrations showing exactly opposite of what is written. It is the best Valentine’s Day 2016 gift for your soul mate. Put a smile on her face by presenting her this cutest book of illustrations.

Because you lover her, you should show it to her differently. Either she is behaving weird, careless and mean; yet you have to walk an extra mile just to make her feel that everything is ok and you still want her no matter how  rude, silly and stupid she may grow, you are always at her back and call. This is love when you don’t notice the flaws, you ignore them for each other because that’s the meaning of life.

You move on refraining to mention the weaknesses of your partner, you highlight the good habits in him/her so to have a peaceful time with them. I wish you all a happy and warm love season, let the cupid hit right on you, wear your heart on sleeves for those you love the most on this globe. Subscribe us for more interesting posts in future as well. I am sure you will like these collection of adorable and funny illustrations.

Cute Illustrations Depicting Why I Love You | Best Valentine’s Day 2016 gift for her

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i-love-you-illustrations-(13)i-love-you-illustrations-(6) i-love-you-illustrations-(7) i-love-you-illustrations-(9) i-love-you-illustrations-(10) i-love-you-illustrations-(11) i-love-you-illustrations-(12)


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