Stunning 3D Lettering | A New Trend for Calligraphers & Letterers

Artists are spread all across the globe and there is no continent that is not inspired or influenced by the art forms of artists. Just like poets draw the picture of the era and society, artists too paint the world as it is, but they have the capability to beautify the ugliness, they create magic out of madness, they can color the cosmos in all the brighter hues even though it may be different as the reality usually seem to us.

Artists use far-fetched conceits, they bring out the irony of the world into their creations, they add loveliness into their compositions, and they use textures and colors that can leave an everlasting remark on our minds. What more should I be summing up to define artists who are creative, who make sense and who bring meaning into everything they make. Lettering is one of the prestigious of all art forms, it takes a lot of rehearsals to be a professional letterer.

The curves and italic, the style and shading, the balancing and exposure, the tints and hues that are used by the letterers are certainly commendable. One can never attain this overwhelming art immediately because it necessitates a lot of exertions and a soul to achieve.

Artists can never stay calm because there is a sprouting energy in them that motivates them to do better. Today I am unfolding before you stunning 3D lettering which is a new trend for calligraphers & letterers that will give you ideas that not only twisting and turning your fingers would ever make you a good letterer unless you bring vitality and veracity into your artwork.

Look at the collection of calligraphy that is looking like a 3D effect, it is simply marvelous. I am sure this is more like a steppingstone for all the learners who want to absorb the new techniques of calligraphy. Here, try these out too by yourself, pay a look and bedazzle everyone with your perfection, but make sure you get the command over this skill at first, it comes after repetitions and continuous practice. Subscribe us for more art and design related posts!

Credit: Tolga Girgin


























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