The New Apple iPhone 7 | Smaller in Size with OLED Curved Glass & Screen Expected

The technology now a days is so fast pace that it is getting out of hand, there are so many new features that coax us to buy the devices but sometimes we cannot decide which smartphone we should be buying because when every other phone has some magical features it becomes harder to stick to one.

Therefore people keep on flipping their older sets and get their hands on new cellphones. In this new generation, brands and high profile devices are much in demand; when we talk about excellence and quality the very first brand that comes into mind is Apple, which has been benefiting the masses since ages. Every year it showcases a new iPhone which is breathtaking in its appearance, smarter enough to carry around, handy, feather-light and epic to flaunt in one’s hand.

There is this news that apple will soon be launching the new iPhone 7, which is going to be smaller in size with OLED curved glass & screen expected. Isn’t it just Whoa? I am still drooling what this iPhone 7 will look like, so I surfed around to add into my knowledge, how it would look and what features it will be carrying in the handset?  Apple iPhones are now getting away from their old stereotypical metal bodies, rather they are switching to the complete glass covered back, which is making the iPhone looks stunning and way too sophisticated.

A source says that: 

We expect the 2017 new iPhone model to adopt a structural design similar to that of iPhone 4/ 4s, meaning it will be equipped with glass on both the front and back sides, and a metal frame surrounded the edges. The difference is that the new model will likely come with a curved screen and curved glass casing, with other important features including a 5.8-inch AMOLED display, wireless charging, and more biometric recognitions (facial or iris). Given the curved design, the new model may look smaller than an existing 5.5-inch iPhone.

I hope it is going to take our tech experience to some other level of perfection, cannot hold my nerves to get iPhone 7 myself. However we can never be sure until the release date comes about officially from Apple iPhone founders.  Let the speculations keep rolling in, we never know what rumors are to be relied upon and what are just lame heresy. But one thing I am sure of, is that Apple iPhones never disappoint.

The New iPhone 7 | Smaller in Size with OLED Curved Glass & Screen Expected

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  1. iPhone 7 lets see, it will still have a 750p screen no headphone jack and so slim the battery life will suck more than it does now. Apple started the screen wars and gave up years ago, but still insist on fooling the public with magical name of ‘Retina’ which means diddly squat in 2016.

  2. The quality of apple’s software is embarrassing. go to fail bugs, failure to use 2 factor auth , and zero date bugs. It’s like apple can’t be bother to do the basic things which have been considered good software parties for many year now; like apple devs are living in the software stone age.

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