Top 20 Best Entries From National Geographic Photography Contest 2016

Life unfolds so many exciting days, we never know what tomorrow would bring before us so we should celebrate every moment and live to the fullest as life is so uncertain and we should enjoy it the maximum way possible. It is not always about having a cake, candles around, people, friends and family.

Life is also about exploring the world walking in somebody else’s shoes, climbing to the mountain tops, reaching to the sky, having big aims, struggle to achieve them, setting goals, doing the insurmountable, bringing revolution, to excel in the field, to make the contemporaries jealous of your potential, to make the learners yearns about your skill, all this and all that. Life does not come with hard and fast rules, for a pedestrians it brings oceans, land, rocks and stones.

If a man is man enough he will walk through it gallantly without any hitches and glitches. Try spreading happiness around, peace within yourself, fulfilling your pursuit of happiness, doing what you like and doing it with all your heart. Let’s talk about my today’s post which is bringing before you top 20 best entries from National Geographic Photography Contest of 2016. The way photographers have seized the moments professionally are breath-taking.

Capturing spontaneous shots are so natural, raw and life-like, that one cannot believe on his eyes. I am sure you will love the techniques, impulsiveness and perceptiveness of the clicks taken by the world-class photographers for the epic contest held by the channel. I personally love the shot of horrible natural calamity of tornado hitting the land, it is almost impossible to sell soul to the devil like that and walk into the mouth of death to capture the horrid.

Such piece of art has no comparable. Have a profound look at it. Subscribe us for more such enormous and gigantic posts of art. Keep pace with our daily dose.

1. Flatiron Building, New York, United States

Credit: Michele Palazzo



2. South Dakota, United States

Credit: James Smart



3. Foxes Running, Japan

Credit: Hiroki Inoue



4. Mystic Shed, Finland

Credit: Pierre Destribats



5. Beautiful Landscape shot in Tuscany, Italy

Credit: Giovanni Modesti



6. Cold Weather in Japan

Credit: Takeshi Marumoto



7. Snowing in the Mountains, Switzerland

Credit: Julia Wimmerlin



8. Namibian Desert

Credit: Doris Landertinger



9. Trollstigen, Norway

Credit: Christoph Schaarschmidt



10. Village In The Mist, China

Credit: Thierry Bornier



11. Flats in China

Credit: Wing Ka H



12. Farming Shot in the Sea, China

Credit: Tugo ChengReport



13. Trees in Spring, Japan

Credit: Katsuyoshi Nakahara



14. Cemoro Lawang, Indonesia

Credit: Achmad Sumawijaya



15. Ballet Dancer, Hiroshi Tanita, Japan

Credit: Hiroshi Tanita



16. Havanna, Cuba

Credit: Toni Wallachy



17. Blue Flower Garden in Japan

Credit: Hidenobu Suzuki



18. Drone Shot in New Hampshire, United States

Credit: Manish Mamtani



19. Lombard Street, San Francisco, United States

Credit: Toby Harriman



20. Indonesia

Credit: Reynold Dewantara



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