Copywriters vs Art Directors vs Developers | A Tale of Three Gurus

You can never undermine the importance of any field and profession because all are interrelated somehow or the other; no genre of art is bigger or smaller however the hard work you all do weighs mightier than anything on the scales.

Without a carpenter you won’t be able to be seated on a comfy sofa, without a laborer you won’t be able to make a nice house, without a writer you won’t be able to read the book, without a cobbler you will walk bare footed. So there is no highs and lows about a profession. Everything in this world is respectable as much as the other. We all should keep a check on the sanctity of every job because without most of the many people we simply can never survive.

Well my today’s post is very creative that will put you into star struck mode. Because it is all about designers, developers and writers. All these three gurus when get together can move mountains, they can shake the earth with their innovation, they can cause ripples in the stagnant water, they can form seas and oceans of creativity and hence they come out with something truly jaw dropping.

When a writer writes the graphic designer give his words a visual implication, he portrays it in colors whereas the developer take both the things in his hands and make the hidden coding of it (which is not apparent on the file or document but backups the entire material what is being written and composed). So all three cannot survive alone, they need each other’s help to get going now here I have this beautiful collection of copywriters vs. art directors vs. developers, a tale of three gurus that you would love to see.

Do let us know how well you can connect and relate to these depictions that are real and extracted from day to day job of a writer, developer and designer.Subscribe us for more posts and we will bring more fanciful stuff for you all. Here we go!

The Brush



The File



Just Started



The Colors



The Software



The Reason of Anger



Old Days



The App



Pop Culture



The Social Media Networks



Leaving the Office



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