25+ Exceptional Hand Lettering Logotype Examples by David Milan

Out of all the genres of art I like typography and the hand lettering genre because it is so terse and deep that makes it look attractive and communicative as well. Art makes one lost into its depth and profoundness.

Art makes us wise and gives us vision to absorb things as they are without asking what it is and how it is since it is the way it is. Art is never meant to be understood, it is made to be appreciated and acknowledged the way artist has made it to be. Art has many sides and every side of art is different. However there are plentiful ways to do the same thing differently.

People are taking more interest in hand lettering from the past few decades because when many things have been explored there are something that you cannot get rid of and ever since this art looks like magic and perfection, people cling to it and use it in making logo designs and typography posters.

It is said, “Art is a step from what is obvious and well-known toward what is arcane and concealed.” Well my today’s post is about logotypes, you will see how logos can be made while incorporating the magic of hand lettering.

Only by moving your hand blindly can never make you a painter, your canvas can never cause beauty if you don’t do it with your heart. Now let’s look at the collection of 25+ exceptional hand lettering logotype examples by David Milan. He is an amazing artist that often happens to be artist of the month on our blog, because his work inspires me and makes me think that how well he uses his imagination, art and intellect side by side. He has used beautiful colors that go with logotypes he has portrayed and are making a great feel out of it.

I am sure you will love the collection. Subscribe us for more design posts. Coming ahead are all that you have been looking forward because we have been severely working on the quality art posts for the beginners/learners as well as experts. We aim to please. Here we go!

25+ Exceptional Hand Lettering Logotype Examples by David Milan

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