28 Stunning Examples of Single Color Logo Design by Martigny Matthieu

This world walks over a person who does not keep pace with time, therefore it is very important to consider all the possibilities around, all the new trends and all those techniques that can help you making yourself noticed.

People pull leg of each other, they mock one another because they want themselves to be on the top and therefore whatever comes their way, they try to tarnish it, knock it down and throw it off. However there is a way out of it. You can always improve yourself, change your approach, be open to ideas and have the adaptability that is the most demanding aspect in the workplace. Artists have to face a lot of challenges, because in the huge cosmos getting oneself noticed is an uphill task, not every one of us shines like a diamond.

There are some people born with the silver spoon in their mouth but it is said never compare your chapter one to somebody’s chapter 20. Grow bigger but everything takes time, nothing worthwhile ever comes easy, in the start, there are baby steps that subsequently make you meet your desire end in the long run. Do your best, take criticism positively, learn from trial and error, do not stop, and never fear the failure. Remember smooth roads never make the good drivers, it is the ocean of ebb and flow that makes the sailors successful.

Show grace under pressure. Plunge out of the horizons that once suppressed you. Coming towards my today’s post which is showcasing 28 stunning examples of single color logo design by Martigny Matthieu. He uses modern techniques to make logos in black color, they look attractive, to the point, vocally expressive, communicative and far-fetched. Clients these days have more potential and creative minds therefore they demand something new and superfluous. Negative space logos and line art techniques are the latest logo trends of 2016.

Make sure you are ready enough to cause ripples in their minds. Check out this awesome collection and make me know what more design posts are you looking up ahead. Subscribe us for daily prompts, here we go!

28 Stunning Examples of Single Color Logo Design by Martigny Matthieu

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Logo-design-inspiration-2016-(6) Logo-design-inspiration-2016-(7) Logo-design-inspiration-2016-(8) Logo-design-inspiration-2016-(9) Logo-design-inspiration-2016-(10) Logo-design-inspiration-2016-(11) Logo-design-inspiration-2016-(12) Logo-design-inspiration-2016-(13) Logo-design-inspiration-2016-(14) Logo-design-inspiration-2016-(15) Logo-design-inspiration-2016-(16) Logo-design-inspiration-2016-(17) Logo-design-inspiration-2016-(18) Logo-design-inspiration-2016-(19) Logo-design-inspiration-2016-(20) Logo-design-inspiration-2016-(21) Logo-design-inspiration-2016-(22) Logo-design-inspiration-2016-(23) Logo-design-inspiration-2016-(24) Logo-design-inspiration-2016-(25) Logo-design-inspiration-2016-(26) Logo-design-inspiration-2016-(27) Logo-design-inspiration-2016-(28)


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