20+ Best Examples of Corporate Typography Logos by Zahidul Islam

Try to think outside the box when you are about to make something. An artist, at first, thinks about all the possible ideas that he can go about, he considers the crispest of all at the end, but that comes out after a lot of mind mapping.

There is no artist who just grabs the brush and paints, there is always a background behind every painting, and there is always a raw idea that later shapes into a masterpiece in itself. Designers have to do a lot of practice, because designing on the desktop is a hard thing, the amalgamation of color schemes, textures, fonts, art manipulation, incorporation of ideas, meaning, motive and message behind the project is another job that he has to do.

The designer designs not for the sake of designing but for the sake of an aim that is achieved by making it. Clients’ demands are way too high, they require international standard logo designs for themselves, that are not taken, that are diverse, that are different and beautiful. Therefore before getting into this field of designing, make sure you have all the tools and techniques at hand to grab the interest of the client.

Here I am present a collection of best examples of corporate typography logos by Zahidul Islam, he has done an effortless job, typography art is very well crystalized with logos. It is certainly a good combo one can think of. His finesses and perfection is pretty evident. The artist belongs to Dhaka, Bangladesh, he is a graphic, logo and illustration designer who has a fine grip over his field nonetheless. The composition of logos and typography is presenting an impressive picture. I am sure you will too like it to the core.

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20+ Best Examples of Corporate Typography Logos by Zahidul Islam

Typography-Logos-2016-(1) Typography-Logos-2016-(2) Typography-Logos-2016-(3) Typography-Logos-2016-(4) Typography-Logos-2016-(5)

Typography-Logos-2016-(6) Typography-Logos-2016-(7) Typography-Logos-2016-(8) Typography-Logos-2016-(9) Typography-Logos-2016-(10) Typography-Logos-2016-(11) Typography-Logos-2016-(12) Typography-Logos-2016-(13) Typography-Logos-2016-(14) Typography-Logos-2016-(15) Typography-Logos-2016-(16) Typography-Logos-2016-(17) Typography-Logos-2016-(18)

Typography-Logos-2016-(23) Typography-Logos-2016-(22) Typography-Logos-2016-(19) Typography-Logos-2016-(21) Typography-Logos-2016-(20)


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