Insanely Detailed Paper Art by Mr. Riu

There are some art pieces that are beyond the level of imagination, they cross the boundaries of reality and become supernatural. This is a metaphysical state that we see when we happen to experience an art work which is tremendous and outclass. Such artworks make us mesmerized, like floor under the feet shaken up by looking at the masterpieces.

Such artworks make us wonder-stricken, baffled and some artworks make us totally insane. This is the height of vision that is being drawn on the canvas by an artist who brings evolution in the field of art. I have seen the mechanism of millions of artist as a matter of fact I found few the best of all. And therefore I keep highlighting them time and again on my platform so you have a bit of clue what is happening in the world. Some works should not go unnoticed, unseen or unappreciated.

Therefore I have a phenomenal collection today for you all. The art lovers would agree with me upon this, that art makes us forget about the world around us, it makes us soar above the chaos around and puts us into the shoes of an artist. Oscar Wilde once said: No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist. This clearly denotes that artist forms imagination and then implements it greatly, he plunges out of the world of reality to form something out of this world.

Here I have a collection that will support whatever I quoted above. Down here is the post of insanely detailed paper art by Mr. Riu. He has great command on his art, he gives extra details into his compositions that makes them raw and realistic, and you will love them too. Have a look at the accumulation and stay hooked to us for more posts are yet to bedazzle you, draw your pleasure, paint your pleasure, and express your pleasure strongly as said by Pierre Bonnard.

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Awesome-Paper-art-(1) Awesome-Paper-art-(2) Awesome-Paper-art-(3) Awesome-Paper-art-(4) Awesome-Paper-art-(5)

Awesome-Paper-art-(6) Awesome-Paper-art-(7) Awesome-Paper-art-(8) Awesome-Paper-art-(9) Awesome-Paper-art-(10) Awesome-Paper-art-(11) Awesome-Paper-art-(12) Awesome-Paper-art-(13) Awesome-Paper-art-(14)


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