30 Stunning Examples of Lettering 2016 from Instagram

Life is too little to spend it in remorse and confinement, so one should open up, walk out of the comfort zone, be his own guard, breaking the old norms, plunging out of the stereotypical dungeon and risk it all. A man who does not run with time, remains behind the race. This world is a big marathon where you should keep pace with the demands and trends of the on-going time.

In the world of fashion, entertainment, art, music, science, tech and beauty; people have gone overboard so there is no turning back. But only a new invention, a new step up, a new upgrade up ahead to be embraced by us. People are drawing new skylines, shooting stars, making friends with the wild, exploring galaxies, diving into the treasures of the seas, climbing the unsurmountable and walking on the moon.

What do you expect from this fast pace roller coaster? Will it accept your old ways, will it allow you to stick to the old regulations, and will it accept the conventionalism? No, it is a matter of fact that people run over you and put you down if you are old fashioned. Therefore one should always do something miraculous in one’s field so that the contemporaries get motivated, the learners could learn and beginners could get the right direction out of it.

Here I am giving forth a post of 30 stunning examples of lettering 2016 from Instagram that you would love to see. These are so fun, so interesting and yet so colorful. Hand letterers has taken it to some other level of perfection, grace and fulfillment that it is driving new dimensions and evolving with every bit of it. This is what designers and artists should do, they should improve in their genre with time and highlight its other sides too that are tried and tested by them.

I am sure you will love the collection, do let me know what art and design posts are there in your hit list. So we can target that and put together something and everything of that sort for you all. Here we go!

30 Stunning Examples of Lettering 2016 from Instagram

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