20 Most Amazing Yet Awe-Inspiring Hand Lettering & Logotypes by Pellisco

There is nothing better than a good brain and having a good memory in it that retains the stuff read, and that can imitate the same thing even after days and weeks. Artists are born with such brains that work like magic; they not only are liable to create something inventive but they also remember the stuff or the projects that they worked on decades ago.

The reason to this is that they are prone to ideas, innovation and a constant process of thinking, even when a designer is having a cup of coffee he is always having a me-time in his brains, thinking about the pursuits to be done, the projects to work on, the feedback to take, the client to deal, the workplace to go forth, the calls to attend and to fulfill all what is required from him.

It is perhaps in their blood to give the devil his due and to meet all the deadlines happily and easily, they are so much trained to work under pressure, they are habitual to all the tantrums their clients usually throw at them, but still they are contented the way they are, they never lose their calm, they remain stick to their integrity and never overshadow the anger or annoyance/irritability to cloud their performance.

From making the logos and logotypes, to the typography posters/business cards, from commercial projects to all the personal projects; designers are so quick to produce creativity, well today I am throwing light at a post of 20 most amazing yet awe-inspiring hand lettering & logotypes by Pellisco, these are a doorway to thoughtfulness, you will love seeing these and will also get the quick prompts that how differently and beautifully you can imply the idea of typography with logotypes.

Do something that others will get ideas from. Never forget to be the torchbearer for the newbies and the beginners, help them as much as you can– being a designer yourself. Stay hooked to us and let us knows what more are you eyeballing at. Here we go!

20+ Most Amazing Yet Awe-Inspiring Hand Lettering & Logotypes by Pellisco

amazing-lettering-logotype-2017-1 amazing-lettering-logotype-2017-2 amazing-lettering-logotype-2017-3 amazing-lettering-logotype-2017-4 amazing-lettering-logotype-2017-5

amazing-lettering-logotype-2017-6 amazing-lettering-logotype-2017-7 amazing-lettering-logotype-2017-8 amazing-lettering-logotype-2017-9 amazing-lettering-logotype-2017-10 amazing-lettering-logotype-2017-11 amazing-lettering-logotype-2017-12 amazing-lettering-logotype-2017-13 amazing-lettering-logotype-2017-14 amazing-lettering-logotype-2017-15 amazing-lettering-logotype-2017-16 amazing-lettering-logotype-2017-17 amazing-lettering-logotype-2017-18 amazing-lettering-logotype-2017-19 amazing-lettering-logotype-2017-20 amazing-lettering-logotype-2017-21

Credit: Pellisco Δ

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