10 Best Gifts & Games that Graphic Designers Would Love to Receive in 2017

Graphic designers are always busy in their monotonous routine life and they are ever engrossed on their workplaces that it is hard to find time out for themselves. However they love to pamper themselves with interesting goodies and appreciate if their colleagues or friends give them gifts that they can use over and over. Check out our today’s collection down here:

1. ComeAlong Industries Solid Oak A-Frame Chalkboard with Honey Oak Finish, 24″ x 29″

This chalkboard is interesting to write day-to-day reminders, important things to do just like to-do-list. This chalkboard provides a good chalk surface that can be used and reused again & again, rub the words off and it is ready to serve you again.

Price: $192.70



2. Baratza Forte AP (All-Purpose) – Flat Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder

This coffee maker is a small coffee shop in itself, you can brew your coffee, you can grind its bean and much more, it has easy interface and for sure a good use for office and also for your house as well.

Price: $899.00



3. Halter ED-258 Preassembled Height Adjustable Desk Sit / Stand Desk Elevating Desktop

Graphic designers always look up for a cozy and comfortable sitting because a strain free environment and seating arrangement plays a good deal to perform effectively. This stand desk is economical and a vital need to work comfortably.

Price: $299.99

halter-ed-258-preassembled-height-adjustable-computer-desk-sit-stand-elevating-desktop halter-ed-258-preassembled-height-adjustable-computer-desk-sit-stand-elevating-desktop


4. Bowflex Revolution Best Home Gym Gift 2017

This little yet all in one gym is what you need, keep it at your place and it will serve you in a mighty way, it takes exercise to next level of comfort surely a worth buying present if you are looking up for a good thing to present to your designer friend.

Price: $2,999.00



5. Silverback NXT Portable Basketball Hoop

This is what I was looking up for, this handy and portable basketball hoop is amazingly unique, you can carry it around if you have a plan to play basketball with your friends, you don’t have to go to the arena. If you are going to trip/tour you can easily carry this with you and have a good play time.

Price: $424.99

silverback-nxt-portable-basketball-hoop-2 silverback-nxt-portable-basketball-hoop-2


6. Asdam Art – White Maple Tree Abstract 3D Oil Paintings

This is handmade oil paiting for the people who have a great aesthetic sense, hang it around your room wall and change the entire feel of it with the touch of glamorous and unique artistic abstract piece.

Price: $81.99




7. STIGA Triumph Best Table Tennis Table 2017

Games and sports are always welcome, keep a good sport at your place and keep yourself energetic because it is appreciated if you warm yourself up. It is always healthy to get your work started later on.

Price: 299.99



8. New – Triumph Milan 5’ Best Foosball Table 2017

I am a big fan of foosball, it is different and yet brainy to get all attention intact on the foosball table. Since childhood this game has gained a lot of popularity. But you don’t have to go clubbing for it. Just buy a simpler and cheaper one for yourself. This Triumph Milan foosball table is a great present for any graphic designer.

Price: $449.99



9. Digital Atomic Blazer 7’ Best Hockey Table 2017

Thank me later, because this stunning atomic blazer hockey table is all you need in your vacation. This is easy on your pocket, so you can buy it for your own self as well as for your friends.

Price: $447.99




10. eByke Electric Folding Scooter 15 MPH Max Speed 22-25 Miles Range

This super cool scooter will suit you if you like hanging around your street, and to have a pleasing time out and about to get some fresh air, the design of this scooter is pretty amazing. It is stylish, compact and convenient.

Price: $999.00


I hope you get plenty of ideas now that what you are supposed to buy for yourself and what to gift your designer friends in 2017.


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