Most Loved Negative Space Logo Design Trend Will Persist In 2017

Trends around the globe change and transform but some trends are most loved & most liked by the public that they keep themselves stick to the trends what they adore. Not even in the fashion world you see, but also in the art & design world some trends persist till ages and from ages just because of their uniqueness and popularity.

You cannot say when they are going to be extinct or be less used because if the lovers keep on loving them, they won’t be forgotten and be implied over and over by the followers. Well recently a survey made us know that the trend of Negative Space in the graphic world has gone widespread, the trend has been used and appreciated since 2014. Therefore it remained intact to the people and designers up till now. It gives vitality and inventiveness to the logo designs.

This technique is so powerful that the meaning can easily be gotten across the beholder. It gives profoundness and a stance to the logos & make them stunning. Today I am providing you a post of most loved Negative Space logo design trend that will for sure persist in 2017. Remember it is the technique which makes a history, it is the design that is not forgotten so learn to play with the technique, use your imaginary elements and make the logos like nobody has made them before.

People have seen quite a lot of logo designs and trends, now they want something new for them with the same technique revised. I hope designers must a check on this Negative Space technique in the coming years as well because it gives a splendid impression to the logos.

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25+ Beautiful Examples of Negative Space Logo Design Trend that will Persist in 2017

negative-space-logo-design-trend-2017-1 negative-space-logo-design-trend-2017-2 negative-space-logo-design-trend-2017-3 negative-space-logo-design-trend-2017-4 negative-space-logo-design-trend-2017-5

negative-space-logo-design-trend-2017-6 negative-space-logo-design-trend-2017-7 negative-space-logo-design-trend-2017-8 negative-space-logo-design-trend-2017-9 negative-space-logo-design-trend-2017-10 negative-space-logo-design-trend-2017-11 negative-space-logo-design-trend-2017-12 negative-space-logo-design-trend-2017-13 negative-space-logo-design-trend-2017-14 negative-space-logo-design-trend-2017-15 negative-space-logo-design-trend-2017-16 negative-space-logo-design-trend-2017-17 negative-space-logo-design-trend-2017-18 negative-space-logo-design-trend-2017-19 negative-space-logo-design-trend-2017-20 negative-space-logo-design-trend-2017-21 negative-space-logo-design-trend-2017-22 negative-space-logo-design-trend-2017-23 negative-space-logo-design-trend-2017-24 negative-space-logo-design-trend-2017-25 negative-space-logo-design-trend-2017-26

Credit: Martigny Matthieu


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