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When website builders were invented, they gave inexperienced laymen the chance to create a website for their business without having to spend thousands on a professional programmer. However, people are no longer interested in merely having a pretty website. The world needs a cheap solution for dynamic content and applications, whether that means CRM, blogs, databases, eCommerce, or anything else that makes a business thrive.

Thankfully, Simbla’s website builder does just that. Providing a website-building platform with data-driven applications, Simbla gives its users the ability to create an entire online business environment, straight from their computers at home and with no knowledge of code.

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Those who have already used Simbla website builder know that it is easy to navigate, fully responsive, and it produces sleek and professional-looking websites. But what sets Simbla apart from other website builders is its database and a host of applications that only continues to expand by the month. For example, the newest application to hit the market is Simbla’s eCommerce, a long-awaited solution for thousands of users who can now integrate an online store into their business. From tracking orders to managing inventory, the eCommerce App makes selling online seamless and even enjoyable.



The app is easily customizable, lets you accept multiple forms of payment, and automatically generates insights into the products that gain the most revenue for your business.



Another important and helpful feature that Simbla’s platform allows for is dynamic content. Dynamic data cuts your website building time down to a fraction by allowing you to create a list that matches every row in your database table, which generates a separate page for each item on the list in tandem. Here is an example of how to use this:

Anyone familiar with the Escape Room craze will know that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of escape rooms out there, across all different cities, countries, and continents. Capitalizing on this trend, a Simbla user decided to compile a list of the best escape room games from twenty different cities around the world. The index was created using dynamic pages, which immensely minimized the time it took to build the website and kept the design consistent throughout.



The user simply had to connect his website to a database containing various data pertaining to escape rooms. Then, he dropped the Dynamic List widget onto his page, connected it to a table, and set up his grid to display escape room cities as he preferred.




He defined the fields from his table that he wanted displayed in the Grid by inserting those field names into these curly brackets {{ }}. That’s all it took for each of the best escape room game cities to be displayed under images of said cities.



Then, he created a new page in his Simbla website builder, checked it off as “Dynamic pages,” and connected it to the same table in his database that corresponds to his Dynamic Grid. He designed the page, adding fields he wanted displayed between these brackets {{{ }}}, and then linked the page to the {{city}} field on the Dynamic Grid page.



For every city listed in the user’s grid, a corresponding page was automatically created, mimicking the design of the original page. In other words, the user only had to design one page for it to apply to every city in his escape room index, thereby creating twenty pages at once.



As you can see, Simbla website builder capabilities span the range of dynamic content to eCommerce applications and beyond. From databases to web applications, Simbla’s platform is producing new features by the month, so be ready for more to come.


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