300 iOS 11 Style Social Media Icons 2018 Vector Ai & PNG | Free & Premium

Designers get to experience a variety of tasks, based on different niches and from a diverse range of work they imply different ideas and implement it according to the demand and requirements of the client. Marketing of a product/brand is as much important as breathing, to be honestly without getting to endorse or providing channels to people; the popularity may decrease so always take a strong foot forward and provide people with easiest ways so they can follow it around.

In the field of blogging, there are some pertinent aspects to be ponder over. One of them is choosing an apt theme, other than setting a good niche of the blog and adding all those cooler features that give an upgraded & up to the mark look of the blog. Social media icons too cannot be avoided they give life and meaning to a blog for sure.

Down here I am providing a post of 300+ world’s largest iOS 11 style social media icons, these icons are way too different from the types of icons I have been making. These are colorful and you will notice that these iOS inspired icons are having curvy edges, more implicit and vividly designed. These social media icons will look good on both dark and light themed blogs.

There are many reason why social media icons are cardinal in a blog. Well obviously they build a good stance of the blog, people can get connected to the platform from social media networks henceforth they will be a boost to the viewership leading to good revenue on the whole also they look striking. But the blogger should choose a right place in the blog where these icons should be pasted; sidebar or the top header can be the apt slot for them, the rest depends on your wish.

Let us know what do you think about them? Stay connected to the blog because we have yet more freebies for you all and we shall try our best to design more inspiring and useful design posts for you. Here we go!

300 iOS Style Social Media Icons 2018 Vector Ai & PNG Formats | Free & Premium


Available Format: PNG
License: Free for personal usage
Zip File Includes: PNG 100 Social Icons (72 px width White / Light backgrounds)
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Premium Version: 300 iOS Social Icons (Ai + PNGs)
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  1. Hi, ZQ! Thank you for your work.
    I was hoping to find the newest Instagram icon in this download like I see in the preview image (rounded-corner camera logo, pictured with an orange background), but it’s not there. Is that icon available elsewhere?
    Thanks again,

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