Top 10 Best Free Hotel & Restaurant WordPress Themes of 2018

Are you looking up for a best theme for your blog? Then welcome to the right place, here we have accumulated some finest of all hotel WordPress themes where you will get a variety to choose from, suitable for your blog.

If you are having a website/blog of a restaurant/hotel then our today’s post is surely made to help you out with your queries. Down here we have top 10 best free hotel & restaurant WordPress themes of 2018. These are totally made for the hotels and restaurants, highly recommended, totally responsive and they also look very attractive. From booking a reservation, to enjoy the hotel’s premium services, from the food court to the pool peaceful ambiance, from the information of accommodation to the hotel’s gallery and team, from the insight to the luxurious interior of the hotel hence every tiny bits & pieces are incorporated in the blog so the interested people get to know where they are heading towards, either they should/shouldn’t opt for it and also get to know a total lookout details of the hotel.

The blogs of hotels are very helpful especially for the tourists so they pick out on the spacious platinum, deluxe or special rooms according to their pocket without getting hazy or confused. Designers are asked for their own choices when they are to set up a blog of a firm/hotel or for any client. But the best way to go about things is to ask the client what does he want and how does he like to have his website being built. A right theme is always grabbing, it also removes confusions and look very nice. Using apt fonts and having readable headings do a nice job.

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1. Hotel Resort WordPress Theme for hotel, Restaurant and room reservation Services

Download & Details



2. Hotel Luxury powerful WordPress theme for restaurant

Download & Details



3. Hotel New York WordPress theme with responsive design

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4. The hotel WordPress theme for resort, villas, holiday rentals

Download & Details



5. Hotel Sydney hotel WordPress theme for hotel, restaurant, cuisine, hospitality business

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6. Child Theme of hotel-melbourne Full Width Layout

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7. Hotelica resort based responsive WordPress theme design

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8. Hotel Hamburg suitable for hotel, resorts and other room reservation service

Download & Details



9. Hotel Galaxy hotel based WordPress theme responsive web design

Download & Details



10. SKT Hotel Responsive WordPress theme 2018

Download & Details



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