10 Best Portable Mini Pocket Size Projectors for Travelling

Life is all about intricacies with intervals of happy moments and life does not always go smooth, it has turmoil and trials, it has pains and pleasures, thus we all should live it up as happily as we can because it is replete with anxiety and yet it is so colorful. In short, it is an ebb and flow where nothing remain the same forever, even this life is short lived and every transient thing has to expire sooner or later. Time is money so let us make the best of it.

What do you guys prefer in your pastime? It may either be about reading or about listening to music. For some, cooking is taken as the best pastime but for some other, only travelling is something which makes them super happy. Plan out your holidays this season and explore the world from the eyes of an adventurer. Take your friends on hiking and to the mountainous regions you’ve never been to. Enjoy the life as much as possible.

Down here I am putting forward 10 best portable mini pocket size projectors for travelling. These are totally among those must haves that you should not forget taking along with you. They are a little costly for one’s pocket but totally worth buying, of course who would not like to invest on them since they come with greater benefits. Your travel diaries will be revived and be full of life yet again with these easy to carry projectors. Reportedly they are providing good user experience.

Do let us know about your good and bad travel experiences, we will be glad reading about them in comments’ section. For more amazing design collection and art feed, you must not forget to subscribe to the blog, as we have geared up some really awesome stuff for you all in future as well. Here we go with a promise to entertain you, aware you with latest trends, educate you and keep you up to dated.

1. Kodak Ultra Mini Portable Projector – 1080p

Price: $ 199.95 | Buy from here




2. New 1 Projector, Mini Portable Pocket Projector with 120 inch Display

Price: $ 268.00 | Buy from here



3. APEMAN Mini Video Projector

Price: $ 199.99 | Buy from here



4. Mini Pocket Size Multimedia Video LED Gaming Projectors with 120 Inches Display

Price: $ 263.51 | Buy from here



5. Pocket Portable DLP 1080p Projector 100 Lumens High Contrast Ratio

Price: $ 229.00 | Buy from here

Pocket-Portable-DLP-1080p-Projector-100-Lumens-High-Contrast-Ratio Pocket-Portable-DLP-1080p-Projector-100-Lumens-High-Contrast-Ratio-2


6. iXunGo P1 Mini Pico Video Projector Portable Pocket Size for iPhone and Android

Price: $ 266.00 | Buy from here



7. PTVDISPLAY Smart Pocket Mini Projector, 1080P WIFI Home Theater

Price: $ 249.00 | Buy from here



8. Amaz-Play Portable Mobile Pico Projector DLP Mini Pocket Size

Price: $ 249.00 | Buy from here



9. 2018 Digital HD 3D Wifi Bluetooth Wireless Pocket DLP Projector Mini Pico Smart LED Video Projector 1080P

Price: $ 360.00 | Buy from here



10. CANGSIKI Android 6.0 100 ANSI Lumens LED Portable Smart Mini Projector,

Price: $ 279.99 | Buy from here



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