20 Newest Best Apple iPhone Xs Back Case & Covers on Amazon for UK and USA

We wake up with a different mood every day regardless of gender, this is true. We sometimes get up with a happy face, while other times we wake up being grumpy and obnoxious. Sometimes we like going out and enjoy a family time, while other times we like to sit back home and relax alone. It is just an ebb & flow of everyday, not all the days are same. There are dark and dull days, then there are happy-go-lucky days when we like dancing as a free spirit carelessly as nobody else is watching.

This is life, with such a variety of moods and happenings. It entirely depends on ourselves how we want things to be. Every day a different mood dictates us what to do, therefore some days we like to wear colorful dresses while other days we just like to stay grounded, humble and simplistic. This circle moves back and forth, and that’s how we swing & sway every day. Therefore each day we also need new things to kill monotony. We don’t want to replicate things.

From food and feasts that we eat every day, to the places we go, from the smartphone we use, to the routine we follow, we just want ‘change’ to be precisely. My today’s post is highlighting 20 newest best Apple iPhone Xs back case & covers on Amazon for UK and USA. I am sure you will be looking up for the cases and different unique covers to style up and glam up your iPhone’s life, so why not to try any of these out? Well frankly speaking, I prefer buying multiple of them because every day defines a different mood. Check out these amazing covers and cases that are somehow costly and not so costly. Of course we cannot compromise on the quality, ever since iPhone Xs is in itself an expensive commodity, so a cheaper case will drop its looks and appeal for sure. Let’s buy the best and affordable cases/covers for ourselves and for those friends who are up for these.

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1. Metal Kickstand Case for iPhone Xs

Buy from here | Price: $19




2. Heavy-Duty iPhone XS Case 2018 Bumper Armor Case 360 Protective

Buy from here | Price: $16.99





3. OtterBox Commuter Black Custom Case iPhone Xs Case

Buy from here | Price: $54.99



 4. Apple iPhone XS Luxury Genuine Leather Case Wallet Handmade in Europe

Buy from here | Price: $29.99



5. Drop Protection Back Cover for Apple iPhone Xs

Buy from here | Price: $12.99




6. Military Grade Drop Tested Holster iPhone XS Case

Buy from here | Price: $17.99



7. Premium Case for iPhone XS Lightening Series

Buy from here | Price: $15.99



8. Weathered Thin Red Line US Flag iPhone Xs Case

Buy from here | Price: $54.99



9. DTTO Transparent Stylish Clear Case for iPhone XS

Buy from here | Price: $15.99



10. Dark Grey Genuine Leather Cover for Apple iPhone Xs 2018

Buy from here | Price: $35.40



11. Free iPhone XS Leather Case by Burkley

Buy from here | Price: $56



12. ESR Makeup Glitter Case for iPhone Xs 2018

Buy from here | Price: $13.99




13. Ultra Hybrid Black Apple iPhone Xs Case Cover 2018

Buy from here | Price: $15.99



14. Crystal Clear Apple iPhone XS Cover

Buy from here | Price: $12.99



15. Defense Shield iPhone XS Case Aluminum and Polycarbonate

Buy from here | Price: $29.95



16. Speck Products CandyShell Grip iPhone Xs Cover

Buy from here | Price: $24.95



17. Ultra Slim Gradient iPhone Xs Case

Buy from here | Price: $6.99



18. Leather Wallet iPhone XS Case 

Buy from here | Price: $14.97

Leather Wallet iPhone XS Case


19. Tempered Glass Case for iPhone Xs

Buy from here | Price: $18.99



20. Full-Body Rugged Holster Case for Apple iPhone XS 2018

Buy from here | Price: $16.67



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