20 Newest Best Apple iPhone Xs Max Back Case & Covers on Amazon for UK and USA

Hey guys, we hope you are doing great and expecting something unique from us today. So we thought to bring forward something exceptional for you. It is all about Apple these days, since the launch of the new iPhones has caused a spur in the world. We have some exceptional iPhones in the market now, and we cannot decide which one to buy. Of course now we have three options to choose from, the colors, the finishing and the feel is just amazing.

But wait up, what is not really assimilating is its overpriced value, they are costly and not everybody can afford to have them. But that is why iPhone XR is made. The features’ availability and the excellence is just great just as that of iPhone X series so we should not be worried about it. At least we have something to lean on this year instead of keeping the old iPhone intact. Yesterday we shared iPhone Xs case collection and today you will see 20 newest best Apple iPhone Xs Max Back case & covers on Amazon for UK and USA.

These are the finest and most stunning that we could find anywhere. You may see a variety of different cases that not only look stylish but are dust/water resistant. Always buy the shockproof cases for iPhone because a smartphone which is already costly, we should guard it and we should use a safety cover for it to avoid damage. Who would ever want to get a broken screen repaired in $200-$250? I am sure no one. Also just in case your iPhone slips away and falls on the floor, your heart would not sink at the sight if you have used a cover over it.

Cases and covers are best for a safer mobile experience. Use it like a carefree brat then with no fear of it getting broken or shattered. For more amazing freebies, tech and art feed stay tuned to us. This is not just all, we love to bring the best stuff for all of you every day. Just hold on tight. Here we go.

1. iPhone Xs Max Case 6.5 Inch Wallet

Buy from here | Price: $24.95






2. iPhone Xs Max Case spigen

Buy from here | Price: $13.99



3. iPhone Xs Max Case 6.5 Inch with screen protector

Buy from here | Price: $18.99



4. iPhone Xs Max Case Otterbox

Buy from here | Price: $49.95



5. iPhone Xs Max Case 6.5 Inch Supcase

Buy from here | Price: $19.99




6. iPhone Xs Max Case 6.5 2018 Best Durable

Buy from here | Price: $10.99



7. Apple iPhone Xs Max Case 6.5 Inch Clear Transparent

Buy from here | Price: $18.99



8. iPhone Xs Max Case wallet Card Holder Sliding Cover 

Buy from here | Price: $10.99



9. iPhone Xs Max Case 6.5 Inch folio

Buy from here | Price: $32.90



10. iPhone Xs Max Case Speck

Buy from here | Price: $29.95



11. iPhone Xs Max Case 6.5 Inch black Speck

Buy from here | Price: $44.95



12. iPhone Xs Max Case Pink | Girly Shinny Sparky

Buy from here | Price: $19.99




13. iPhone Xs Max cover 6.5 Inch with card holder

Buy from here | Price: $19.99




14. iPhone Xs Max cover Marble

Buy from here | Price: $9.99



15. iPhone Xs Max Back cover 6.5 Inch waterproof

Buy from here | Price: $22




16. iPhone Xs Max Back cover Leather

Buy from here | Price: $14.97



17. iPhone Xs Max Case 6.5 Inch belt clip

Buy from here | Price: $12.99




18. iPhone Xs Max Back case | Periwinkle Ombre Antifreeze Yellow

Buy from here | Price: $34.95



19. Leather iPhone XS MAX Case by Burkley

Buy from here | Price: $69



20. Speck Products Presidio Folio Leather iPhone XS Max Case

Buy from here | Price: $54.95



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