65+ Stunning Logotype Examples by Famous Lettering Artist Max Bris

Hello guys, here we are again bringing something inspiring as well as interesting for you all. If you are a designer yourself and have been wondering about the creative ideas then you must not forget to keep visiting our blog, as we love to put forward the works of professionals, and experts so to aware the minds of the learners and designers so that, they in future would bring their own innovation and inventiveness into their compositions. Imagination has a greater role to play, the more far-fetched a designer can see, the better perception and positivity he can achieve & obtain subsequently. And it is all about the healthy mind that works wonders. Isn’t it?

As far as the domain of designing is concerned, it takes a lot of potential to think outside the box and produce something phenomenal. Doing the same thing differently and then adding one’s own ingredients/taste into it definitely brings out the best in the long run. Ever since logos and logotypes are the tasks that are mostly and frequently presented to the designers that is why we thought to grab a handful of logotype ideas so to educate the minds. Check out these of 65+ stunning logotype examples by famous lettering artist Max Bris.

Max has added life and soul into these logos, every logotype looks like a picture telling a story, don’t you think? These are the superb and the most creative of their kind that we could find anywhere. The artist has inculcated meaning, stance and impression into each one of the lettering logotype and used several lettering pens. How beautifully he has instructed lettering into crisp and bolder logotypes. It is basically mixing and blending the two techniques so to formulate a genuine piece of art which looks not only different but unique as well. These types of logos look way too professional, and also reflect the mindset and creativity of the artists. Only the professionals are able to adopt this technique and deliver it with artfulness.

For more amazing design feed and art dose stay tuned to the blog, we won’t let you down, this is a sure thing. Here we go.

Credit: Max Bris

65+ Stunning Logotype Examples by Famous Lettering Artist Max Bris




























40+ Load More Stunning Logotype 


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