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Using eyes on a project is one thing, but using your mind and brain is another thing, and it makes a wide difference. It is not about what you are making, but how you are making it with perfection and finesse. For the designers it is very important to look over the projects from the third eye and to know the dos and don’ts to avoid future disappointment.

There are two things that you can do to create magic, 1: Be creative, 2: Be thoughtful. The more good probabilities occur when one thinks outside the box. Everybody is running in the rat race stereotyping stuff and not creating the original work, what happens then is that the essence and meaningfulness is lost. In order to be excelling in the field you can always play with words and images so to be aesthetically pleasing as well as communicative.

If you want to add value to the projects of yours (both commercial and personal), if you want professional looking presentations for clients, if you are looking up for some spectacular website interfaces, ‘oh so amazing’ impact for mobile applications, and to enhance a good user experience then add the “Ouch” illustrations to your projects. They will bring a vivacity and a farfetched result to the outcome of it. Anything attractive gains the attention of the masses, pictorials are the best way to communicate even to a layman. The unambiguous vectors bring an inventiveness and it is always easy to understand the thing in a better way.

Down here you can check out these illustrations provided by Ouch (A new project by icons8), these are free creative Vector Illustrations for UI & web interfaces. They’re artistic and trendy and web projects can be amplified with them, detailed illustrations give a very clear-cut message, also the neatness of the illustrations intensifies the project in itself. Different shapes/lines and abstract illustrations are used by designers in their graphic work. Funny graphics and funny characters can be used on the website’s layout to give a nice touch to the overall look. It is a good way to endorse one’s capability and potential, also the visitors get a very good impression out of the website. You don’t always have to add the giant stuff, some little characters can do the job. Delete, error, ‘see you again’ type of labels can be beautified with illustrations. These are just so uncommon ways that improve the vitality of the blog/website. So why not to give them a try? Amalgamate them in your web pages and mobile applications to create a magic out of a molehill.

Ouch (A new project by icons8)

Creative vector and PNG illustrations for free



Style of Illustrations:

1. Pablo

Give an artistic and trendy look to websites by using these cool illustrations. An added value to web projects & web interfaces of any type



2. Pale

In this style you will find very detailed illustrations, neatly created artworks for commercial websites and landing pages



3. Pluto

A freehand style of cartoonish interface illustrations that will give cosmic vibes

Cartoonish interface illustrations


4. Abstract:

Composition of simple geometrical shapes and abstract lines making vector graphics

geometric illustrations


5. Flamenco

Tell a story on your mobile UI design by using these cool illustrations. They are super funny graphics with expressions

super funny graphics


6. Bermuda

Get a whole new take for web screens and web pages by using these contrast vector illustrations

Contrast vector illustrations


7. Karlsson

Funny looking characters will add cool mood to website Ui designs

Funny characters


8. Hugo

Classic flat illustrations created with bright gradients. Live up mobile screens by using these meaningful illustrations

Classic flat illustrations


9. Fogg

A perfectly crafted yet Google inspired illustrations for website interfaces

Google Inspired Illustrations


10. Mirage

Creative illustration assemblage with subtle textured applied will pop-up mobile screens

Creative Illustrations


11. Marginalia

Subtle gradient illustrations to tell story in your online projects as well as presentations

Gradient Illustrations


12. Cherry

Bold illustrations that will engage visitors from the very moment they visited your website

Bold Illustrations


13. Rush

Catchy illustrations for your daily assignments

catchy illustrations


14. Eastwood

Beautiful illustrations in editorial style for any project either online or presentation

Editorial Style Illustrations


Some Cool and Creative Examples of Illustrations by Topics:

Page not found

Page not found illustrations



Downloading Illustrations


Come back later

Come back later Illustrations


404 Error

404 Error Illustratiions


Page under construction

Page under construction Illustrations


See you soon

See you soon illustrations



Delete Illustrations

Stay tuned for more is yet to come your way. We will be back with design feed and art collection.


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