Social Media Profiles Image Size Guide of 2019

A lot of us here are active users of social media platforms. There are certain things which must be kept in mind while creating the images for social media and in addition to imagery, copy and other supporting design material, size / dimensions is what that maters the most.

So, almost every year what happens is that social media companies revise the sizes of images they allow to be uploaded across their platforms – good in one way and bad in another because; the updates let you explore different horizons of graphic designing and platforms don’t really update the users about the changes, it just happens. And we come across some graphic designers who do not keep themselves updated with the changes.

It is kind of weird that social media companies do not announce the changes in the image sizes and aspect ratios because we are sure, like us you must have seen on Facebook that not only brand accounts but many personal accounts still don’t know that Facebook has changed the Profile Photo template and now it is in a circular form. Why is that so, you ask? It is because it happened overnight no one was officially informed.

Keeping in mind the sudden changes, we at Design Bolts make sure that we are there for you and in this article, we will share the social media (We have got all the platforms here!) image size guide with you for the year 2019. If you are a graphic designer or know someone who is in the field of graphic designing then keep on reading.

First things first; whenever an image is designed for any social media platform, it is very important to test it on the platform itself to check if the dimensions fit perfectly fine. (Bonus tip: Make dummy accounts for this purpose so that you don’t embarrass yourselves in front of your clients or audience for a badly executed image.)

What we have gathered for you in this article are all the Profile Pictures, Cover Photos, Header & Link Images as well as the dimensions of the Shared Images for all the social media platforms. You will also find Video Thumbnail information for YouTube here.

Social Media Image Size Guide 2019


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