30 Cool Textures for iPhone X Background & Wallpapers

What do you do when you get a new phone? You instantly want to set a new wallpaper – as normally the pre-installed wallpapers are not very interesting. Like sure, they might be ‘nice’ but they are not too nice to be on the lock-screen or home-screen. And well, everyone wants to have look at an image that doesn’t bore them or make them stop using their phones.

Since iPhones are considered to be the best smartphones that are available in the market but even iPhone users have an unsettling feeling about not having pretty backgrounds and wallpapers. And as you know, we always come up with creative solutions for everything – what we have got for you today are some really cool textures for iPhone X backgrounds and wallpapers.

Did you know what sort of an impact does an eye friendly background / wallpaper have on your eyes? Well for starters; it makes you feel relaxed. Looking at an image that has cooler color tones or is soft in general can cheer you up too. Similarly too bright colors can affect your mood in a bad way so avoid choosing a wallpaper which is bright and irritate your eyes.

So, if you are one of those iPhone users who is just extremely tired of spending hours and hours on finding the right wallpapers for your phone or you just want your phone to have a breath of fresh air then you have come to the right place – and we will tell you why!

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With this blog, you will find amazing images in high resolution. By downloading and setting them on your smart phone screen, you are definitely going to be the coolest one in your peer group. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on these super cool textures right away and be the most unique one out there.

Don’t forget to share these cool wallpapers with your friends & colleagues. Oh, and do let us know what will you want to read about in our next blog. Until next time!

30 Cool Textures for iPhone X Background & Wallpapers

1. Cool iPhone X Background


2. Beautiful iPhone X Background


3. Black Leather iPhone X Background


4. Black Texture iPhone X Background


5. Blue Stone iPhone X Background


6. Colorful Background for iPhone X


7. Colorful Wave iPhone X Background


8. Cool iPhone X Background


9. Cork iPhone X Background


10. Dandelion iPhone X Wallpaper


11. Dandelion Nature iPhone X Background


12. Dark Abstract iPhone X Background


13. Floral Texture iPhone X Background


14. Flower iPhone X Background


15. Gold Glitter iPhone X Background


16. Green iPhone X Background


17. High Quality iPhone X Background


18. Illustration iPhone X Background


19. Lava iPhone X Background


20. Leaf iPhone X Background


21. Leaves iPhone X Background


22. Mountains iPhone X Background


23. Paper Texture iPhone X Background


24. Peanut Wood iPhone X Background


25. Purple Colorful iPhone X Background


26. Rain iPhone X Background


27. Textile iPhone X Background


28. Texture iPhone X Background


29. Vector Art iPhone X Background


30. Watercolor iPhone X Background


31. White Wood iPhone X Background


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