20+ Awesome Food Packaging Design Ideas of 2019 for Inspiration

Every day we come across different types of packaging – from basic and simple designs to complex ones which happen to fulfill the objectives of a brand. But did you know that there are many people who prefer one product of the same category over another product mainly because of its packaging? Yes, you read that right. Nice packaging can convince a shopper to choose your brand from a supermarket’s aisle.

So, what are those factors which make a packaging cool? Continue reading to know more as we share 20+ best packaging for you to get inspired. You can also create your own designs and be more creative this year.

Know that the packaging has to be effective – effective enough to attract people so that they can purchase the products or use the services which are being offered by the brand you are working for. Your packaging doesn’t have to be just cool, it also has to have the right information on it – only then it will capture the attention of the potential customers.

There are certain brands in the market which try to connect with the consumer on an emotional level and they still fail to make people buy their products. That’s because people want to read about ingredients and benefits of the products rather than extra and irrelevant information.

More Awesome > Packaging Design Ideas

It is also important to acknowledge the fact that product packaging is more personal as we hold it in our hands, we carry it with ourselves and we interact with it as well which means it has to be creative, easy on the eyes and hands and so special that it doesn’t die a normal product death.

You can literally make people curious through packaging. Design something so good that it makes your potential customer buy your product and use it too. We are listing down some design trends for you to follow in the year 2019 and create super awesome and creative product packaging:

  • Bright gradients
  • Minimalistic design approach
  • Nude palettes
  • Flat illustrations
  • Vintage inspired packaging

20+ Awesome Food Packaging Design Ideas of 2019 for Inspiration

1. LA BALEINE Chocolate Food Packaging Design 2019


LA-BALEINE-Chocolate-Food-Packaging-Design-2019 LA-BALEINE-Chocolate-Food-Packaging-Design-2019-2


2. Naming Branding and Packaging Design for Holly Cream Honey


Naming-branding-and-packaging-Design-for-Holly-Cream-Honey Naming-branding-and-packaging-Design-for-Holly-Cream-Honey-2


3. East Rock Fresh Fish Packaging


East-Rock-Fresh-Fish-Packaging East-Rock-Fresh-Fish-Packaging


4. Eat Chic Chocolates Packaging Design 2019




5. Commons Organic Food packaging Design




6. Wallaroo healthy snacks for kids Packaging


Wallaroo-healthy-snacks-for-kids-Packaging Wallaroo-healthy-snacks-for-kids-Packaging-2


7. Manuka Emporium Honey Bottles Vintage Packaging Design


Manuka-Emporium-Honey-Bottles-Vintage-Packaging-Design-2 Manuka-Emporium-Honey-Bottles-Vintage-Packaging-Design


8. Plz-Smart Sandwich Packaging Design 2019


Plz-Smart-Sandwich-Packaging-Design-2019-2 Plz-Smart-Sandwich-Packaging-Design-2019


9. Aplos, Greek yogurt with fruits Food Packaging Design


Aplos,-Greek-yogurt-with-fruits-Food-Packaging-Design-2 Aplos,-Greek-yogurt-with-fruits-Food-Packaging-Design


10. Vital Aquatics High Quality Meat Packaging Design


Vital-Aquatics-High-Quality-Meat-Packaging-Design Vital-Aquatics-High-Quality-Meat-Packaging-Design--2


11. Pellito Peanut Caramel Bar & Box Packaging Design




12. COCO Chocolatier Cool Packaging Design


COCO Chocolatier Cool Packaging Design COCO Chocolatier Cool Packaging Design


13. Koko Black´s Easter Expeditions Candy & Chocolate Packaging design


Koko-Black´s-Easter-Expeditions-Candy-&-Chocolate-Packaging-design-2 Koko-Black´s-Easter-Expeditions-Candy-Packaging-design


14. Steens UMF Manuka Creative Honey Packaging Design


Steens-UMF-Manuka-Creative-Honey-Packaging-Design-2 Steens-UMF-Manuka-Creative-Honey-Packaging-Design


15. PIZZARIA BRANDING Pizza Packaging Design


PIZZARIA-BRANDING-Pizza-Packaging-Design-2 PIZZARIA-BRANDING-Pizza-Packaging-Design-2


16. Califia Probiotic Yogurt Bottle Design


Califia-Probiotic-Yogurts Califia-Probiotic-Yogurt-Bottle-Design


17. Fast Fresco Cooked Vegetables Packaging Design


Fast-Fresco-Cooked-Vegetables-Packaging-Design Fast-Fresco-Cooked-Vegetables-Packaging-Design-2


18. North Farm Rice Packaging Design


North-Farm-Rice-Packaging-Design North-Farm-Rice-Packaging-Design-2 North-Farm-Rice-Packaging-Design-3


19. Ruxi Bakery Packaging Design




20. Ferme OElistik Salad Packaging Design


Ferme-OElistik-Salad-Packaging-Design Ferme-OElistik-Salad-Packaging-Design-2


21. CHARLIE BIGHAMS Ready to Cook Packaging Design


CHARLIE-BIGHAMS-Ready-to-Cook-Packaging-Design-2 CHARLIE-BIGHAMS-Ready-to-Cook-Packaging-Design-2


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