Describing Logo Designs With Animation | A New Logo Trend of 2019

Hi guys! Would you mind if we open this blog with a series of questions? We hope you don’t because the questions are interesting enough to help you revisit your memories of the design world. So, tell us – do you remember how many logos have you created so far? Or how many of the logos were accepted being the first drafts? And did you ever have to fight for logo approvals? Don’t forget to share your answers with us in the comments section!

Okay so, let’s now come to the point. Since we know that designing logos is a very creative job. It helps you come up with innovative ideas on a regular basis. And you are encouraged to polish your skills when new tasks are assigned to you. There are 3 basic types of logos; wordmark, lettermark and brand mark. With further addition to the basic types of logos emblems, logotypes, abstract logo marks and mascots are also created.

Times are changing and new techniques are being incorporated to develop & produce awe striking designs. And we are thrilled to share that 2019 is going to be the year in which brands will (finally) experiment with animated logos. Not only will this encourage graphic designers and animators to learn newer stuff but this practice will be able to gather more attention of the audience. And well, that would be the best part about animated logos.

With animated logos, things will get even more technical – like you will have to choose a focal point to create animations that it is both self-explanatory as well as is in alliance with the brand, products or services.

Follow the below mentioned tips if you are planning to work on an animated logo:

  • Pick a theme for the logo that also goes well with the brand.
  • The animation must be very brief yet easy to grasp.
  • Adding backgrounds is a must for your animated logo.
  • Keep track of the process so that it’s easier for you to make revisions efficiently.

Some Basic Words Logo Animations for Inspiration




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