Stunning Digital Art Paintings of Random People by Julio Cesar

We have said it before and we will say it again, we absolutely love when creative people around the globe come up with unique ideas and showcase their work for the world to see. And in our today’s blog, we will be talking about the stunning digital paintings created by Julio Cesar. Allow us to share his brief introduction first. Julio is a Brazilian artist and masters in character design – you can see that by going through the collection which we have shared with you.

What he does is that he creates digital art paintings of random people and displays them on his social media platforms. Displaying one’s work like that not only gets you recognition and rightly deserved appreciation but artists indirectly let other artists get inspired. They start thinking with a different perspective, imagine new things, get to be even more creative and then it’s nothing else but brilliantly crafted imagination and creativity for designs etc.

Artists like Julio Cesar always leave us is awe. We are sure that you will also admire all the art paintings digitally created by Cesar once you have gone through them. One painting at a time – so that you can absorb the beauty and details of the paintings.

Okay so, the second half of our blog consists of easy to follow tips to create digital art. Continue reading to know more:

  1. To start working on a digital painting, draw sketches first and draw them as much as you can. This practice will help you in the longer run as you will know what you are doing when you will finally take the sketch on a screen.
  2. Make pen and tablet your best friends so that you put in the amount of energy without having to feel stressed out during the process.
  3. Don’t consider your first attempt on the digital paintings etc. as your final attempt. Revisit the design after some time to polish it if need be.
  4. YouTube tutorials can help you get acquainted with almost everything so do that in order to master the art.

We’re sure that these tips will help you in creating amazing digital art. We’ll see you next time with another interesting blog.

Stunning Digital Art Paintings of Random People

Stunning Digital Art Paintings (1) Stunning Digital Art Paintings (1) Stunning Digital Art Paintings (1) Stunning Digital Art Paintings (1) Stunning Digital Art Paintings (1)

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