A Fun Project of Fat Superheroes Digital Art Paintings by Carlos Dattoli

Hi there guys! You must have an idea about our excitement whenever we come across designs of artists around the globe. And our today’s blog is yet another interesting and creative ride for all the people out there who love superheroes. Basically, we will be sharing digital art paintings of an artist Carlos Dattoli. The artist has tried to transform the superheroes by creating their plus size digital art painting and we absolutely love his art works.

Carlos says that the fun ‘Fat Superheroes Project’ was one of his initial projects when he starting working as an illusionist. His Instagram has a following of more than 27k people who are always sharing words of encouragement and appreciation which he truly deserves.

If you also wish to create digital art paintings of any characters you like or if you want to draw illustrations, follow the tips which we are going to share with you:

  • Always start your digital illustrations with a sketch. Drafting your idea on a piece of paper will be extremely helpful instead of starting the actual project right away on your screens. You can even add or remove colors etc. easily while drawing sketches.
  • Creating custom brushes will help you a lot in achieving your goals. In addition to that, you can also incorporate the usual brushes if need be.
  • Use the Smudge Tool to blend. You can also change the settings of your brushes as per the demand of the area on which you are creating something or for coloring.
  • You can also ‘Blur’ some of the areas on your digital painting to enhance the effects.
  • No matter what – always start painting and coloring etc. from larger to smaller areas. Working on the details will require a lot of time and it is possible that you might won’t get time for the larger areas to cover.

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These are some of the illustration and digital arts related tips which will help you with your personal and professional art works. Also, don’t forget to share our blog with your friends & colleagues.

A Fun Project of Fat Superheroes Digital Art Paintings by Carlos Dattoli

1. Captain Marvel



2. Avengers Infinity War

Fat Superheroes Digital Art Avengers Endgame


3. Super Mario Bros



4. Star Wars



5. Dragon Ball

Dragon-Ball Fat Superhero


6. Knights of the Zodiac



7. Guardians of Galaxy



8. Thundercats



9. Power Rangers



10. Deadpool



11. DC Superheroes



12. X-Men

X-Men Fat Superhero


13. Spiderman and The Avengers

Spidey-and-The-Avengers Fat Superheros


14. Fantastic Four

Fantastic-Four Fat Superhero


15. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles Fat Superheros


16. Street Fighter

Street-Fighter Fat Superheroes


17. Aquaman

Aquaman fat superhero


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