25+ Popular Brands as Anime Characters

Hi there guys! We hope that you can sense our excitement from your screens as in our today’s blog, we will be sharing some super cool work of an artist who has created brilliant anime characters of 25+ popular brands. And as much as we love sharing interesting artworks created by artists all around the world, we would like to encourage all of you to take inspirations from the things which we share with you.

So, our today’s super star is Sillvi who is a Canadian artist and puts in a lot of imagination and creativity to come up unique ideas. He has also worked on ‘Sodas as People’. This blog, however, has his found his way in creating anime characters of famous brands like McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, BMW, Ford, Pepsi, Fanta, Volkswagen, Tesla, Coca Cola etc.

Normally, everyone happens to like the recreated stuff when they see their favorite brands being featured in the campaigns. Like the brands which we have mentioned above have a huge following around the globe and them being portrayed as anime characters grabbed attention of not just the users of those brands but also the appreciation of anime lovers.

If you also want to create something which is directly related to a brand (both local and international), always make sure that your creation and ideas do not defame or ridicule a brand and their services. Yes, you can be funny but you don’t have to humiliate businesses to get recognition on social media. In addition to that, and this is for everyone who wants to create digital paintings, go through the below mentioned tips:

  • Always work keeping in mind a theme. Shortlist the ideas you want to work on and then start working on the designs.
  • Sketch as much as you can before you start working on your screen. This practice will give you a refined product.
  • Play with colors and choose the ones which you feel will complement the overall design(s).

That being said, don’t forget to share the step by step process with your fellow artists too!

Popular Brands as Anime Characters

BMW as Anime Artist Burger-King as Anime Artist Canada-Dry as Anime Artist Coca-Cola as Anime Artist Coca-Cola-Zero as Anime Artist

Coco-Cola-Zero as Anime Artist Dr-Pepper as Anime Artist Fanta as Anime Artist Ford as Anime Artist Gatorade as Anime Artist Gfuel-Energy-Formula as Anime Artist Green-Tea-with-Ginseng Gfuel-Energy as Anime Artist Honda as Anime Artist Hyundai as Anime Artist Jack-in-the-Box as Anime Artist Jaguar as Anime Artist Jeep as Anime Artist KFC as Anime Artist Kia as Anime Artist McDonald as Anime Artist Monster-Energy-Drink as Anime Artist Pepsi as Anime Artist Sprite as Anime Artist Sprite-Lemon as Anime Artist Tesla as Anime Artist Toyota as Anime Artist volkswagen as Anime Artist



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