Digital Art of Disney Princesses as Celebrities

Hey there guys! We hope that you are working on brilliant concepts and designing amazing art works. We wanted to do something different for our today’s blog and here we are with another super cool artist’s digital art. Today we will be sharing with you the work of Helen Morgun who has designed digital art paintings of Disney princesses as celebrities. It is a great way to spend time productively using imagination like this.

Helen is an illustrator who lives in Ukraine and has covered the following celebrities:

  • Rihanna as Tiana
  • Lucy Liu as Mulan
  • Margot Robbie as Elsa
  • Amanda Seyfried as Rapunzel
  • Blake Lively as Aurora
  • Emma Stone As Merida
  • Billie Eilish As Kida Nedakh
  • Mila Kunis As Esmeralda
  • Lily Collins As Snow White
  • Megan Fox As Megara
  • Selena Gomez As Moana

We are stunned to see the digital art of Helen and we would like to encourage all of you to do spend some time in watching YouTube or any other tutorials on digital art paintings and create something new and unique – which will set you apart from the regular routine work. It is also a great way to explore your inner artist and interests. Don’t shy away from getting yourself skilled when it comes to Photoshop, editing and creating stuff that involves modern techniques and styles.

Allow us to share some easy to follow tips if you want to try your hands on some digital art paintings:

  • To save time but ensure that your work has the realistic impressions then use photo textures in your paintings. This will help you achieve your goal efficiently.
  • Using texture brushes is the best way to get a finished look every time.
  • Start painting with natural color palettes first and then move to more mature colors and textures.

That’s all folks! We hope this blog will help you with the basics of digital art paintings. Go through the paintings which we have gathered for you, feel free to get inspired and share the blog with your friends and colleagues!

More Illustrations of Artist: Instagram

Digital Art of Disney Princesses as Celebrities

1. Amber Heard As Alice



2. Emma Stone As Merida



3. Billie Eilish As Kida Nedakh



4. Blake Lively As Aurora



5. Leigh Anne Pinnock As Pocahontas



6. Ariana Grande As Vanellope



7. Lily Collins As Snow White



8. Lucy Liu As Mulan



9. Margot Robbie As Elsa



10. Camila Cabello As Jasmine



11. Cara Delevingne As Anna From Frozen



12. Amanda Seyfried As Rapunzel



13. Emilia Clarke As Belle



14. Megan Fox As Megara



15. Mena Massoud as Aladdin



16. Sophie Turner As Ariel



17. Rachel Mcadams As Cinderella



18. Naomi Scott As Jasmine



19. Mila Kunis As Esmeralda



20. Selena Gomez As Moana



21. Rihanna As Tiana



22. Scarlett Johansson as Anastasia



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