Free Female Holding Kraft Paper Shopping Bag Mockup PSD

We’ve been seeing plastic bags being handed over to almost everyone by almost everyone whenever something is purchased or when you need to carry things. Plastic bags are becoming a threat not just to animals and birds but to human beings as well. And the sad part is that they are still being used all over the world. Though we’re glad that some countries & brands have finally taken the initiative to ban plastic bags entirely to preserve the earth.

Yes, plastic bags will take a lot of time to disappear from our planet but we hope that at least brands start taking this issue seriously and encourage individuals to use reusable bags. There are various types of bags which can be used for selling purposes as well as for carrying different things in one ‘place’ like fabric tote bags, brown paper bags etc. In this blog however, our main focus will be on Kraft paper shopping bags.

For those who (still) don’t know what Kraft paper is: It’s a high resistance paper which is used to create various types of packing materials including shopping bags. Since we know that Kraft paper shopping bags will be in the market super soon, we had to work on a mock-up PSD for you guys. Our Kraft paper shopping bag mock-up PSD is highly editable and will let you customize it as much as you can for your organization / brand. We’ve the bag held in a woman’s hand to give you a clear idea on the size of the bag as well as the look and feel of the strings.

Since many brands are still in the process of introducing paper shopping bags, it might be a little hard for your clients to understand a ‘sudden’ change in plans – but if you want to propose an innovative idea to them then our mock-up PSD will help you achieve your goal. Once you have created different options using the PSD file, share them with the client by creating an impactful presentation, incorporate changes if there are any and then give the final go ahead for the printing of your Kraft paper bags.

Free Female Holding Kraft Paper Shopping Bag Mockup PSD


Available Format: Photoshop PSD
License: Free for personal and commercial usage
File Format: WinRAR
Mockup Resolution: 3600 x 2400 px

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