24 Perfectly Crafted Logos By Mase

Hey guys! Our today’s blog is going to be a very interesting one so leave everything else you are doing and keep reading what we are about to say. Okay so, have you guys (ever) judged a brand on the basis of their logos? Like you wanted to purchase something from a grocery store but you completely ignored the existence of the product only because the logo didn’t sit right with you? We won’t hide it, we have done that multiple times and have also wondered how that logo saw the light of day.

And when we say that a logo is one of the most crucial things that can make or break a brand, we want all of you to take it very seriously! Because your logo is what your potential audience will associate themselves with. Make it so impressive that people cannot resist getting your services or spending money on your products.

Also, whenever you start working on branding etc. always make sure that you know the business objectives as well as the different types of logos which exist. Once you have done your research, acquaint yourself with modern trends and have a competitive analysis done to know where your competition stands in terms of their branding. Trust us, this practice will help you in more than one ways.

Okay so, now that you know the business objectives, the type of logo you are going to go with and the objective it has to serve, what you have to do now is to sit with your creative as well as your design teams to explore all the possibilities. Sketch the ideas, pick the right colors, choose the fonts and have the logo(s) designed after having it approved by your client or branding team. We’re sure that you that making revised designs is a part of the design process but if you still find yourself stuck somewhere in the creating logos for your brands, go through this amazing collection of logos which are crafted by mase and team– Ukrainian graphic designers as it is a deck full of creativity.

24 Perfectly Crafted Logos By Mase

Pet-Company-Logo M-Monogram-Logo Logo-For-Gufsky-Technology-Logo Internet-Technology-Logo F-Monogram-Logo

Fashion-Brand-Logo Eye-Cyber-Threat-Intelligence-Logo Education-Logo Edge-Manufacturing-Company-Logo Digital-American-Flag-IT-Company-Logo Cunsulting-Training-Logo Cubicon-Creative-Logo CS-Monogram-Logo C-Monogram Bottled-Water-Logo B-Leather-Working-Logo A-Monogram-Logo Agriculture-Company-Logo P-Monogram-Online-Distibutor-Company Service-to-create-videos-logo VS-IT-company-Logo-Design Whale-Logo VC-Monogram-Branding-Logo Property-Company-Logo


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