Free Folded Paper A4 Size Flyer / Poster Mockup PSD

We were having a work related discussion with our friends earlier this week which turned into an insightful conversation. And what we got to know was that some of our friends get really excited whenever they are handed over advertising flyers in shopping malls etc. We got curious to know the reason and they told us that they get excited because even though technology has taken over the entire world and many things have changed the ways we speak to each other and the ways we can communicate with our audiences, there are still so many brands who believe in the old fashioned way of advertising their businesses.

And you guys, that is actually correct. Because a flyer is one of the most effective materials to market and advertise your business, services and products. You must have noticed that there are billboards in your neighborhood, commercials appearing on your television screens and even some YouTube and Facebook ads which make you think that hey, am I even the right person to see this ad?! Quite interestingly that is not the case with a marketing flyer. Here is how; whenever a group of individuals are assigned to distribute flyers in public places, they are informed about the business as well as about the audience the brand(s) want to target. So, through flyers it is guaranteed that you are reaching the right audience in a super effective way. Your designated people will hand over the flyers to your potential customers keeping in mind the brand objectives and personality.

But guys, reaching the right audience is one thing and making sure that you are delivering the right message is another. And well yes, the most crucial of all the tasks. It is really important to design a flyer that just does not go into a dustbin without making a person do what was required from him in context of your business.

So, if your client just asked you to share some designs of a folded A4 size flyer then know that you have come to the right place. As we will share some very interesting tips and tricks with you guys so that you can create amazing flyers for your brand and for your clients. But that’s not it because we have also created a free to download folded A4 size flyer mock-up PSD. All you will have to do now is download the PSD file, get help from our tips and design attractive flyers for your personal & professional projects. This psd will help you to showcase flyer as well as poster mockup projects.

Now that you have a lot of space ‘on’ which you can speak to your audience, make sure that you make the most of it. Sit with your creative team to come up with design themes first. Meanwhile, you can have the dedicated copywriter assigned to work on the content task. Once you have done that, it is your responsibility to finalize the color palettes and design elements which are relevant to the brand and can help you in creating the perfect flyers.

There are brands which have worked on their brand guidelines and they share those with their advertising agencies. This, at times limits the design department because you cannot really experiment a lot but then again if you get to have ideas and you think they can be beneficial for the brands you are working on then you must discuss the possibilities with the brand managers and see if some flexibility can be brought in the process. The purpose of saying that was to inform you that if that is the case with the people you are working with then play with the fonts they have already finalized for you. But since times are changing and newer trends are seeing light of the day, you can suggest modern ways of designing stuff as well as printing finishes.

And the best way to suggest as well as to demonstrate your ideas and concepts is to create a mock-up presentation (yeah, we are at it again!). So guys, know that your mock-up presentation is your key to getting inside your clients’ heads and see what their expectations are, really. In addition to that, you will be able to analyze and evaluate your thoughts and designs if you are requested to incorporate revisions.

We know that there are people who unnecessarily criticize an art work only because they are not at the receiving end of that criticism but there are some genuine revisions too which must be incorporated before having the material printed on a larger scale. So, to avoid money loss and wastage of time always ensure that you and your team present the designs through mock-up presentations. And honestly, it is an extremely simple process. It does require patience and persistence but by the end of your days at work, you will know that you got nothing in return but appreciation and a good learning experience.

Free Folded A4 Size Flyer / Poster Mockup PSD

Free-Folded-A4-Size-Flyer-Mockup-PSD Free-Folded-A4-Size-Flyer-Mockup-PSD Free-Folded-A4-Size-Flyer-Mockup-PSD

Available Format: Photoshop PSD
License: Free for personal and commercial usage
File Format: WinRAR
Mock-up Resolution: 4000 x 3000 px

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