Free A4 / Letter (US) Flyer Mockup PSD

Hi friends and fans! We were going through our comments section and found out that many of you wanted us to work on a new flyer design and here we are – with our unique and free flyer mockup PSD which will help you in creating premium quality flyers for your design projects. But before we come to the point, we would like to share some best practices of 2019 to get you all going in the most effective ways.

We have observed that many graphic designers and brand managers do not quite understand the difference between a flyer and a brochure – wait, you didn’t know THAT? Well, allow us to explain how a flyer differs from a brochure; the most significant difference is that a flyer is a single and unfolded printed ‘paper’ having a brief, to the point message whereas, a brochure is stuff written on both sides and also has folds and a lot of space which is used to deliver detailed messages, testimonials etc. about a brand, launch event, academic courses, sale etc.

We know this for a fact that most of you know what a flyer is and the main purpose of designing and using it to promote a business message but this part of our blog is for those readers who are new to the amazing world of graphic design and also for those who just joined our brilliant blog site. Okay so, a flyer is a marketing material that is used to serve an immediate marketing purpose or let’s say that flyers are basically designed and distributed among the masses to promote a one time thing for example; an international event, a conference or a training session, a sale or maybe an opening of the new store.

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So, how do you create an impressive design for a flyer that not only gets approved by the brand custodians instantly but it also achieves the goals it was designed to achieve? Well, if you are thinking that you will be told shortly to check out some YouTube tutorials or visit this and that trips and hacks then that’s not going to happen here as we have got covered – quite literally. And here are some of the easy to follow, tried and tested and effective design tips to create beautiful flyers:

  • Before you start working on your design project you need to make sure that you have discussed and explored all the creative possibilities in the design context. Also ensure that your copywriter is working on the content as well so that all the concerned team members are aligned for the task.
  • Once you have received the finalized themes and concepts, choose your color palettes strategically. Does the brief want you to come up with different ideas other than the set guidelines of the brand? Or do you have to follow the design bible only? If you have the creative liberty to mix and match or experiment with different colors then you must do so – as trying out newer styles, trending colors and modern techniques really help the brand in breaking through the clutter. This practice can also help your audience take in experiencing something distinctive than the usual.
  • Your next step should be to work on collecting all the relevant and appropriate design elements which can complement your design as well as the brand. Incorporate them in a decent number and try to keep the design simple yet attractive.
  • Modern times require modern day styling and design techniques so if you are someone who is stuck with an outdated set of fonts, this is the time to move on and try something that’s trendy. We understand that a lot of creative agencies are scared of experimenting because the brands have set some rules and guidelines which must be followed at all times but to stand out from the crowd, one must never be afraid of taking chances. Trust us when we say this – nothing goes wrong when we de-clutter and don’t choose to be monotonous.
  • As far as the copy is concerned make sure that the flyer is not too wordy and whatever is printed on it is easy to read and comprehend. If you are in a country where the inhabitants speak different languages then you must print your flyers in at least two native languages. By doing so, you will actually be bringing more people to attend the event or avail discounts from the sales.
  • To provide a set of information, you can also divide your flyers into different sections by creating boxes or maybe using different colors to ‘mark a territory’. You can easily emphasize on words which need to be emphasized making the words bold or maybe italicized.

That’s all for today! We know that our fully customizable and free flyer mockup PSD and great tips will help you in creating the flyers that are expected of you. We would also encourage you to create a detailed mockup presentation for sharing the design options with your clients before the flyers go out for printing.

Free A4 / Letter (US) Flyer Mockup PSD

Free-A4-Paper-Flyer-Mockup-PSD Free-Letter-(US)-Paper-Flyer-Mockup-PSD

Available Format: Photoshop PSD
License: Free for personal and commercial usage
File Format: WinRAR
Mock-up Resolution: 4000 x 3000 px
Artwork Size: Letter (US) | A4

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