20+ Modern Style Multi-Page Brochure / Catalogue / Template Design Ideas for Inspiration

Are you planning to work on a brochure or catalogue design for your client but don’t know yet where to start from? Or have you finally decided that you should advertise your business through a brochure too but you’re looking for some creative ideas? If your answer is yes then know that in this blog, we will share not just 1, 5 or even 10 but more than 20 modern style brochure and catalogue design templates with you. Feel free to be inspired by the templates and don’t forget to let us know which ones did you like the most.

To start working on a brochure or a catalogue design, it is really important to chalk down the entire process first. Grab a paper and a pen, sit down and list down the objectives which you want to achieve with your brochure etc. Once you have done that, you must move on to the nest step which is – picking up a theme and style. For that, you need to make sure that each & every marketing / advertising material of yours have a synergy and harmony among them.

If you wish to design impressive and effective brochures and catalogues, follow the below mentioned tips and make us proud with your designs:

  • Select a theme for your brochure / catalogue and gather all the necessary design elements in one place.
  • Have the copy written after considering the space you have on the brochure / catalogue. Also, make sure it is not too wordy.
  • The heading must be engaging enough to make the reader go through the entire brochure or catalogue.
  • Choose eye catchy colors for the design.
  • Choose good quality paper for the brochure / catalogue, a material which you would want to hold in your hands and read till the end.
  • Add a Call to Action (CTA); be it a phone number or a social media link. In this way, you will tell the reader that you are available for them.

20+ Modern Style Brochure / Catalogue / Template Design Ideas for Inspiration

1. SRH Multi-Page Brochure Design / Report


SRH-Multipage-Brochure-Design SRH-Multipage-Brochure-Design SRH-Multipage-Brochure-Design


2. Herman Miller Multi-Page Brochure


Herman-Miller-Multi-Page-Brochure-2 Herman-Miller-Multi-Page-Brochure

Herman-Miller-Multi-Page-Brochure-3 Herman-Miller-Multi-Page-Brochure-4


3. Fur die Oper Koln entwickelte Brochure Design


Fur-die-Oper-Koln-entwickelte-Brochure-Design Fur-die-Oper-Koln-entwickelte-Brochure-Design Fur-die-Oper-Koln-entwickelte-Brochure-Design


4. Book Of Tree Multi Page Brochure Design




5. Professional Company Profile Design


Professional-Company-Profile-Design Professional-Company-Profile-Design-3


6. Project & Business Proposal Template

Project-&-Business-Proposal-Template-1 Project-&-Business-Proposal-Template-1 Project-&-Business-Proposal-Template-1


7. Real Estate Horizontal Corporate Brochure Template




8. Company Profile Brochure Real Estate Property


Company-Profile-Brochure-Real-Estate-Property Company-Profile-Brochure-Real-Estate-Property-2 Company-Profile-Brochure-Real-Estate-Property-3


9. Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc Brochure


Vinpearl-Safari-Phu-Quoc-Brochure-22 Vinpearl-Safari-Phu-Quoc-Brochure-22 Vinpearl-Safari-Phu-Quoc-Brochure-22 Vinpearl-Safari-Phu-Quoc-Brochure-22


10. Multi Page Business Brochure Design for Inspiration


Multi Page-Business-Brochure-Design-for-Inspiration


11. Company Brochure Design Template Ideas




12. Corporate Brochure Design Template




13. Power Electronics Brochure

Power-Electronics-Brochure-3 Power-Electronics-Brochure-3 Power-Electronics-Brochure-3


14. Company Profile Brochure Design Template




15. Sylvia Park Retail Leasing Brochure


Sylvia-Park-Retail-Leasing-Brochure Sylvia-Park-Retail-Leasing-Brochure-2 Sylvia-Park-Retail-Leasing-Brochure-3


16. Dwie Motławy Residential Brochure Design Inspiration 2019


Dwie-Motławy-Residential-Brochure-Design-Inspiration-2019-5 Dwie-Motławy-Residential-Brochure-Design-Inspiration-2019-5 Dwie-Motławy-Residential-Brochure-Design-Inspiration-2019-5 Dwie-Motławy-Residential-Brochure-Design-Inspiration-2019-5 Dwie-Motławy-Residential-Brochure-Design-Inspiration-2019-5


17. CONCRESUR Creative Cutout Corporate Brochure


CONCRESUR-Corporate-Brochure-Design CONCRESUR-Corporate-Brochure-2 CONCRESUR-Corporate-Brochure-3 CONCRESUR-Corporate-Brochure-4


18. DIHK Brochure Digital Economy 4


DIHK--Brochure-Digital-Economy-4-2 DIHK--Brochure-Digital-Economy-4-2


19. Divided Brochure Design / Report Template




20. Brochure – Histoire de l’art


Brochure-Histoire-de-l'art-2 Brochure-Histoire-de-l'art-2


21. Tesla Model S Catalog Brochure Design


Tesla-Model-S-Catalog-Brochure-Design-4 Tesla-Model-S-Catalog-Brochure-Design-4 Tesla-Model-S-Catalog-Brochure-Design-4 Tesla-Model-S-Catalog-Brochure-Design-4


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