25 Best New Year 2020 Wall & Desk Calendar Designs for Inspiration

We were going through some of our stuff which will be replaced before the New Year’s night and we realized that majority of the items must be dumped as soon as we get the chance of doing that. Like we have been thinking to replace our couch for so many weeks but that keeps getting delayed because of how busy we are almost all the time.

Anyways, there is a bunch of stuff that we should get rid of but we are writing this blog. Do you want to know why? It’s because we are here to help you replace your old stuff with the new one and also because there is a surprise you are going to get in the latter part of this blog so, we want you all to keep reading it!

Most of us are super caught up with our work and all that we don’t consider tidying up our personal spaces. Our favorite things get dull due to sun light, dust and humidity if they are exposed to unfavorable weather conditions and when we finally take some time out to clean up the space, we find out that we were a little too careless towards our beloved decoration items, books and even some furniture articles.

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To have a healthy relationship with your surroundings, you must ensure that you are taking care of yourself as well as of the stuff that you are using to get your work done. And to thoroughly enjoy the ‘New Year, New Me’, this is probably the best time to make a list of all the things that you would want to purchase so that you can add newness to your work place or your room.

So, what is that first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the words new year? Calendars, right? You definitely need to have a new and calendar designs placed on your desk or hung on the wall so that you can keep a track of your day to day jobs and important stuff that’s need to be taken care of.

There are creative people all around the world who are always working on amazing designs to make this world an aesthetically beautiful place. Same happens when a creative agency is assigned the task to work on the calendar designs and to cater to all the needs and demands of people having unique tastes in colors, patterns, objects and characters, creative departments and graphic designers sit together for detailed brainstorming sessions. After the brainstorming sessions are over, team members are given the task to produce multiple design options for their clients.

‘Calendar making’ is a serious business and it needs a lot of (undivided) attention and knowledge of dealing with the dates. And then of course there are national holidays which must be mentioned nicely in the boxes, you forget to add one major event and boom, it is going to require a revision or two.

30+ Best Selling Wall & Desk Calendars 2020

In order to help all our creative minds think better and perform even better, we have worked on a collection of 25 best New Year wall and desk calendar designs which will inspire you to work on some interesting designs for yourself as well as for your clients. We are aware of the fact that all of you will be super occupied with your design tasks and you will be also asked to manage the calendar designs and that is one of the main reasons why we wanted to share the load.

In our unique and inspiring collection of New Year calendar designs, we have made sure that you get to see different design approaches which include zodiac signs, dog images, motivational quotes and so much more. And we would love to give you all a brief rundown of what you can get by going through our massive collection.

Like we have mentioned this above as well, different people have different tastes be it; food, colors, places and everything else for that matter – and that also means that we know how different people would want to spend their new year by looking at their favorite birds, spirit horses, characters, reading some motivational quotes, having a good laugh about national days etc.

We have also included calendars from etsy – so, those who love some creative illustrations will definitely want to see and buy. That’s not it because we have also added ‘calligraphy’ calendar design with which every creative professional and graphic designer can relate.

And won’t you just love reading one smartest thing ever said by famous people of the world? We would legit want to have that calendar on our work desk, no kidding! Also, who doesn’t love colors? New Year is also about bringing in colors of hope and positivity, right? So, to check that box among the calendar designs, we have included a calendar design that is basically made using water colors.

We would encourage all of you to go through our calendar design collection, get inspired and create designs that are going to be super awesome!

25 Best New Year 2020 Wall & Desk Calendar Designs for Inspiration

1. Illustrations & lettering Pinocchio Calendar 2020


Illustrations-&-lettering-Pinocchio-Calendar-2020 Illustrations-&-lettering-Pinocchio-Calendar-2020


2. Rare Birds Calendar 2020




3. Cute Vector Illustrations Calendar 2020


Cute-Vector-Illustrations-Calendar-2020 Vector-Illustrations-Calendar-2020


4. Food Calendar Design Inspiration




5. Calendar 2020 Calligraphic Design


Calendar-2020-Calligraphic-Design Calendar-2020-Calligraphic-Design-2


6. Red Barnet Grønland 2020




7. Vietcombank Isometric 3D Calendar design for Inspiration


Vietcombank-Calendar-Isometric-3D-Calendar-design-for-Inspiration Vietcombank-Calendar-Isometric-3D-Calendar-design-for-Inspiration-2


8. AUSSENANSICHT Beautiful Landscape Calendar 2020




9. Destinations Wall Calendar 2020




10. Calendar 2020 Design Ideas




11. Calendar 2020 “Times, Fonts, Styles




12. 2020 Calendar Design Template Inspiration




13. 2019·2020 Watercolor Calendar


2019·2020-Watercolor-Calendar-3 2019·2020-Watercolor-Calendar-3


14. ABC Calendar Design 2020




15. Paperpillar Illustration Calendar for Inspiration




16. A3 Fox Illustrations Wall Calendar 2020




17. Geological Information Calendar Design Inspiration


Geological-Information-Calendar-Design-For-Inspiration-2 Geological-Information-Calendar-Design-For-Inspiration-2 Geological-Information-Calendar-Design-For-Inspiration-2


18. Animal Calendar 2020 Design Inspiration




19. 2020 Edition #1 National Parks Calendar




20. Painted Landscapes 2020 Calendar




21. 2020 Calendar by Amanda Clark – art calendar, wall calendar, calendar 2020


2020-Calendar-by-Amanda-Clark---art-calendar,-wall-calendar,-calendar-2020 2020-Calendar-by-Amanda-Clark---art-calendar,-wall-calendar,-calendar-2020-2


22. 2020 Cute Desk Calendar




23. Mandie Kuo 2020 Painting Calendar




24. Mermaid Calendar 2020




25. Moon phase calendar, 2020 calendar, wall calendar





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