Female Holding Tea Cup Free Mockup PSD

Hey there guys! We hope that our interesting blogs and highly editable mock-up PSD files have made your life easier and that you enjoy working on your design products. Today, as usual we are here with yet another amazing blog of ours and a super fun mock-up PSD for you guys. So, let’s get started!

You all must have read our blog’s topic so, we would like to ask a few questions before we move on to the actual point. Have you ever wondered why your colleague’s tea cup is prettier than yours and she doesn’t let that go? Do YOU have a favorite tea cup at home or may be at work which you just love so much? And do you ever feel like creating cup designs for yourself or for you clients because you just cannot find THAT cup for yourself and you want to bring a change? Well, if you have been doing or want to do either of the things that are mentioned above – know that you are going to have a great time reading this blog!

Whenever a design (of anything) is created and it gets displayed in the market, anyone and everyone who takes the design initiative has to work on the concepts and ideas as to why that design should be made available in the market. Meetings and discussions are carried out to analyze and evaluate design approaches and once everything gets locked including the budgets, art works are released for the printing and manufacturing of the materials. So, if you see a cup design so unique that you want to have it that would be because there was a group of creative people who worked day and night to have that design created and sold too.

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Although, there are multiple ways to design a cup but it is extremely important to keep in mind the intricate details throughout the process (design, manufacturing and printing) otherwise it becomes difficult to implement the design that was thought of and worked on initially. To help you guys with an attractive tea cup design, we decided to create a free and easy to edit tea cup mock-up PSD file. We have also added the human element so that you can know the size of the cup too. Oh, and that’s not it because we will also share a few design tips so that you can make pretty tea cup designs by yourself!

As you can see, our tea cup has an attractive design of two roosters which are popping out from the cup and a bunch of beautiful flowers – the reason of the design being this prominent is that the “background” color is subtle and that’s the main reason why the design won’t merge with the surroundings. That must be your first key take out for your creative thinking as well as for your design. Choose a palette of colors that doesn’t tone down other colors and that it can help all the existing colors stand out on their own.

It is totally up to you to choose the level of intricacy for the design. Your design can be plain and simple and your design can also be super detailed and somewhat complicated. Whatever you choose, make sure that the final print is of high quality. Your safest bet is to pick trendy colors because everyone must be raving about them in that period of time and that’s actually great for your business.

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Working on the design is one thing and picking up one solid color for the cup is another – treat them separately and wisely. All the layers in our mock-up PSD can be edited very easily which will allow you to choose any color of your choice. The task of choosing colors and incorporating them in the design is easier to get done and over with when you are creating design for a brand or an organization.

We haven’t added sample text in the design but you are free to do so if your design brief requires a copy. You can also add brand logo(s) very easily so that the design can be owned. If you want to do something different for the projects, you can add unique design elements as well that are relevant to the brand or a campaign.

And once you are done with the creative brainstorming and designs, don’t forget to compile the design variations in a mock-up presentation. We know that we have said this before as well but always demonstrate and share your designs, ideation and concepts through mock-up presentations as they help the concerned parties know better. Mock-ups also help the clients etc. to take informed decisions as they can literally see how the product will look like in real life after being manufactured or printed.

We hope that our female holding tea cup mock-up PSD file will help you in creating brilliant designs in no time. And don’t forget to share our blog with your friends and colleagues!

Female Holding Tea Cup Free Mockup PSD


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