20 Fresh Negative Space Logo Design Ideas 2019

Hey there guys! First things first; we would like to thank you all for sharing your suggestions and feedback with us on our previous blogs and everything else that we share here! Secondly, we are quite happy and excited about our today’s blog. As we have been receiving multiple requests from many of you to share logo design ideas with, we had to come up with something as exciting as a negative space logo design. But before we will get to that in a while because we want to take a moment to share something else with you guys today!

Okay so, we remember the time when we created our very first logo. It received multiple revision and edits (of course!). And that only happened because we were beginners at that time and creativity is often measured with age / personal reference / “name & fame”. The ones who judge the designs etc. are always in a hurry and they don’t really pay attention to the work that is submitted before them.

We are sure you must have experienced that somewhere in your professional career but we want to set some facts straight here. No design is poor design – it can be worked on and can go to places if it is considered a design and not something which has to get a criticism. Like we have friends who stopped trying altogether and had to switch professions because all they would get was criticism and not feedback.

That can also create issues and misunderstandings among the agencies and the brand managers. But more importantly, it can demotivate the person so bad that they will have to force themselves to work for the brands they are working on. What we are trying to say here is that we don’t have to be strict in anything. Criticism doesn’t have to be there especially when you are evaluating creativity – because that’s very subjective.

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So, if you are a brand manager then you need to know if you are being harsh or not. Get into the design and thoughts and then evaluate it. If you don’t like something, come up with statements like “I believe this can be tweaked!” instead of saying that you are rejecting the design. And if you are a graphic designer or an art director, you must know that you are there for a reason. Your designs deserve a thorough feedback and if you want to defend the designs, you can – you have the right stand for your design / concepts and ideas.

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That being said, let’s get to the actual point now! We know that some of you haven’t come across any negative space logo designs but don’t worry – because we will not only help you understand the basics of such designs but we will also share some easy to follow design tips as well so that you can also create negative space logo design for your brands too.

In simpler words, a negative space logo design is a design that uses an image’s background to depict another image. Creating negative space logo designs helps the creator deliver a number of thoughts through one design. This is an extremely clever way of talking to the audience and help them stay connected with the brand through creativity. You can bless your fans and audience with multiple visions and they will not only love you for coming up with such unique ideas but they will stay with you for the fact that you know how to please your audience.

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While we were working on the blog, we also collected more than 20 fresh negative space logo design ideas for you guys so that you can go through them an get inspired in every sense of the word. All the logos that you will see in our blog are extremely attractive and self-explanatory and have it in them to play a mind game while spreading the best messages in the right way.

Below mentioned are some of the tips which will help you in creating some really cool negative space logo designs in no time:

  • To create a fresh negative space logo design, you first need to play a mind game. That can be done by combining letters and symbols or you can literally create an image that is relevant enough to the business and incorporate it into the design.
  • If you are already using a symbol for your previous logo designs and you want to upgrade then take that symbol and create its cut out by placing it on a solid color. Not only will it stand out along with the brand name but it will create a separate identity for itself too.
  • Another way of creating a negative space logo design is that you can put words in an image. This is a stronger way of visualizing the entire idea and it will also stand out from the crowd too.

That’s all for today guys! We know that you will love our blog and the collection of 20 fresh negative space logo designs. Don’t forget to share which ones did you like the most in the comments section down below!

Credit: Vadim Korotkov

20 Fresh Negative Space Logo Design Ideas 2019

Negative-Space-Bear-Logo-DesignNegative-Space-Black-Cat-Logo-Mark Negative-Space-Black-Horse-Logo-Design Negative-Space-Bull-Logo-Mark Negative-Space-Camel-Logo-Mark

Negative-Space-Cat-Logo-Mark Negative-Space-Detective-Logo-Mark Negative-Space-Dog-Logo-Design Negative-Space-Elephant-Logo-Design Negative-Space-Fish-knight-Logo-Mark Negative-Space-Fox-Logo-Mark Negative-Space-German-Shepherd-Logo-Mark Negative-Space-Gift-Logo-Design Negative-Space-Music-Bird-Logo-Design Negative-Space-Ninja-Logo-Mark Negative-Space-Parrot-Logo-Design Negative-Space--Pig-Logo-Mark Negative-Space-RAM-Logo-Design Negative-Space-Stylish-Woman-Logo-Design Negative-Space-Woman-Logo-Mark


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