Free Basketball Tournament Playoff Game Flyer Design Template PSD

Hey there guys! We are genuinely so happy to receive your positive feedback on our previous blogs and we would like to say thanks to each one of you who has read the piece, who has downloaded our free mockup PSD and thanks to all those loyal readers who have also shared our blog with their friends and colleagues as well (and those who haven’t well, you still have got time, you know!). Anyways, today felt like another day – another blog kind of a day so, we had to write something and here we are!

So, if you have any plans to work on basketball games stuff then this one is for you as well will share some really cool design tips to help you create your very own basketball playoff game flyer designs and you will also be able to get your hands on a free flyer design template as well.

But now that you know the topic about which we will be talking today, we must ask you this question: do you guys play basketball? Oh, and do you enjoy playing it? If you ask us then we would definitely say yes because honestly all the games are fun to play but basketball is something we are really good at. We happen to watch the game being played live as well as on the TV and we are sure that you would know that like every other game, there are tournaments arranged for basketball as well.

Like we have mentioned above as well that events and tournaments for the game of basketball are arranged (almost) around the globe, teams prepare for the games and play their best to win the title too. Event managers and representatives of the teams plan the entire event way before time so that they can put up an excellent ‘reason’ for the team players as well as the audience to watch but what else do you need for an event especially when it is a game event? A flyer to spread the word out, right? And this part of our blog will talk about exactly that so, let’s get done with that!

We would like to give you all a run through of the flyer design that we have created so that it becomes easier for you to sort of know it before you start working on it. Like every design template of ours, we have kept the design simple, to the point yet appealing that it will make people come out of their houses to go attend the playoff game. As you can see, the background is created using a wooden pattern to give the feels of the floor on which the game is actually played and right on top is the ball and the basket which stops the eye right there and that is literally what we want you to focus on.

Moving on, there are details about the club itself as well as the date on which the playoff game will be played. If you want, you are free to put up the name of the organizers too to give them a subtle shout out. And then of course; there is the name of the game which we have kept super generic but you can be creative and include the name that are proposed by the club(s).

You would definitely want your audience to be there at the venue on time and there is no other way to do it except to mention it right there on the flyer design. Normally, what happens is that event organizers close the door before the main event as they want the audience to settle down because once that is done, the players are called to the field and to fulfill that purpose, you must mention the time as well as the instructions as to ensure that the gates will be closed after so and so time. Then of course, you need to mention the ticket price – if there is any so that anyone and everyone comes prepared, the address of your venue must be mentioned properly on the flyer like we have done it but it will still require a phone call number so do write at least one up there on the flyer as well.

In addition to that, you must also mention your website address so that your event details can be checked from there and that would also increase the number of website visits too (so, go for it if you are already working on improving your website traffic).

Make sure that the font and the text size are not only readable but they also have a tone of inviting as many people as they can invite on your or your clients’ behalf. And that is all for today, guys! So, get your hands on our free basketball playoff game flyer design template today and create your own designs whenever you are back to your work(places). Happy holidays!

Free Basketball Tournament Playoff Game Flyer Design Template PSD



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Font Used: Jockey One, Jersey M54 & Identica

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