“It’s A Baby Girl!” Free Shower Invitation Card Design Template Ai

Hi there guys! We hope that you are finding our blogs super helpful and are also working on amazing design projects by using our carefully designed and highly editable templates and mockup PSDs and we would like to thank you all for sharing your valuable feedback with us under our blogs that encourages us to design and do even better.

Here is an interesting thing that we would like to share with you guys that when we shared the baby boy shower design template earlier this month, many of you sent in a lot of requests to share a separate design template for a baby girl shower invite and a few creative ideas too. So, we sat down and worked on what you asked for and if there is any baby girl coming to your family or if one of your friends is expecting a girl, then this blog is for you.

Oh, and of course you can totally use it if you have got clients who are planning a baby girl shower – who could be event management companies or anyone for that matter. We have shared some tips & hacks that can help you with arranging a great baby shower for your friend or a family member so, we will talk about some more fun stuff in this blog and once we are done sharing our effective and easy to follow party or get together tips, we will tell you how you can design amazing baby shower invites for the new princess and her mother to be.

First things first; there has to be a theme around which the entire baby shower (or a party – for that matter) must revolve. You would know that we have been using blue color for anything that’s related to boys and men and we use subtle pink colors for girls and women and although, the trends are changing and people are moving towards using different colors for the genders, we thought that it would be a great idea to keep things as they were – which brings us to the part where will suggest you to keep the theme feminine by using the color pink.

In addition to the standard color, you can also create multiple combinations by using yellow, orange, subtle tones of red and purple colors to make it more interesting. For the design of the invite, do pick all the elements that can create an adorable look like a cute four-wheel pram along with some balloons and may be angels. We love to create invite designs that will force the guests to RSVP in like seconds because if the invitation card is that adorable then you can totally imagine that the baby shower will also be fun.

As far as the copy of the invitation card is concerned, you need to make sure that parents’ names are mentioned on the card and even though a baby shower is more a woman to woman gathering, it won’t hurt to send out an invitation card from both the parents. Then comes the details which must include; the date and time, the venue as well as a dress code (especially if the shower party is following a specific theme. Also, do not forget to proofread the entire invitation card.

Now comes the part where you share the details so that your guests can get in touch with you for a proper RSVP response. It is totally up to you to share your phone number on the invitation card or just mention your postal address and that will work too. Another convenient way of managing the RSVP responses is to literally make a WhatsApp group of all the guests so that it is easier for you to send out digital invites as well as to keep a record of “who is coming” and “who is skipping”.

This can vary from person to person but if you are arranging a baby shower for someone like your best friend or sister or if it is being arranged for a cousin of yours then you can also mention that guests can feel free to bring in small token of love for the baby girl and her mother – because honestly presents and a small gathering of loved ones are one of those things which a mother to be wants.

And that our dear friends, is a wrap! We hope that you will enjoy reading our blog and will also create pretty shower invitation cards for a baby girl’s announcement. Don’t forget to share this blog with your friends and favorite colleagues as well and while you are at it, don’t forget to share your feedback with us in the comments section down below. Also, feel free to drop in your suggestions and requests too and we will see you all next time with another great blog of ours. Until then, happy designing!

“It’s A Baby Girl!” Free Shower Invitation Card Design Template Ai



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