What is the Difference Between Copywriting & Creative Writing?

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Earlier this month, we received a number of requests in which some of our readers wanted us to write and share our ideas on questions and confusions they have regarding creativity in general, how to become creative and mainly about understanding the differences between copy writing and creative writing – if there are any. So, we decided to share a series of blogs which will not only help you in getting to know the terminologies better but you will also be able to communicate about them in a better way too. Let’s get started!



This part of our blog is going to cover the basic difference between copywriting and creative writing and then we will cover a few topics that are related to writing in general. Copywriting is different from creative writing in many ways but what makes these two separate fields is that you do copy writing for promotional purposes (advertising and marketing) whereas; creative writing is the ‘genre’ that helps you in keeping your audience hooked with the content which ultimately makes them spend more time on your websites / blogs etc.

So, how do we do it!? That is a question which is going to be there and we will help you with the most effective responses, all you have to do is to keep reading our blog. No matter what field you choose to grow as a professional or want to test the waters, you must always keep in mind that it will take some time for you to become a good copywriter or a creative (content) writer. And that there are no shortcuts because there will be times when an awesome one liner would start dancing right in front of your eyes and then there will be times when you will be have to sit for hours or may be even days to come up with THAT tag line for a brand or something.

Also, there are multiple types of copywriting as well as of creative writing so you must know what you want to explore and mature it on your way or you can work on different types at a time to see what brings out the best in you. Allow us to share some of the types of copywriting and creative writing down below for more clarity!

Copy writing includes Web Content, copy for generating sales (Sales Copy), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Technical Copywriting, Press Releases (PR). Keep in mind that all these types of copywriting happens to be to the point and brief, it has to be crisp enough to spread the message effectively and it must deliver the maximum through minimum words like copy for ads for example; the key visuals and advertorials, jingles, TV commercials, radio ads, social media creative posts etc.


Creative Writing

As far as the creative writing is concerned; you can write extensive blogs (for websites and social media), articles etc. then we have white papers and eBooks, poetry and short stories, script writing for plays & movies, songs, speeches as well as personal essays and books too. It is in the hands and brain of the writers to make their content so interesting that the readers want to grab their content piece and don’t stop reading it until they have finished reading it.

Now you must be thinking the ways to make your writings grab the attention of your readers and they just want to keep reading it, right? But before you sit down in a quiet corner to write a story or anything for that matter, you must also know what you are good at. Don’t shortlist the areas of interest for yourself but make sure that you evaluate your content pieces like they should be assessed and evaluated – even if you have to go tough on yourself!

And this part of the blog will cover a few tips to help you in writing copy and creative content for your personal tasks as well as for your professional projects. Like we have said above, you are free to take some time to figure out your niche and once you have done that, you will know that words are falling into the right place, expressions will be created and you will bring life to your content.

To achieve your purpose, all you have to do is to jot down everything that comes to your mind when you start working on an idea or something and then take out the material that you think is useful, feel free to discard the content ideas which don’t sound interesting to you once you are done writing and that’s how you will be able to become better at this thing in times to come.

That’s all for today! We hope that you will find this blog super helpful and will also be able to choose your domain and work on it like a pro. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and colleagues too.


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