Are Graphic Designers Paid Well?

Hey there guys! We were working on some really interesting blog topics to share with you all and we are sure that you are going to love having information about different fields of life. Our today’s blog will cover the question or a confusion that most of you might have regarding the salary package of a graphic designer and whether or not they are paid well for that matter. So, we decided to write a blog that will not only help you ask questions if and when you appear in a job interview and in addition to that, you will also be able to deal with a tricky situation – as we would like to call it.

We have worked with enough people to know that how much a graphic designer should be paid regardless of the type of job that is freelance or full time but we also know that many people around the world cannot talk about their salary package before, during or even a job interview. There could be multiple reasons behind a person feeling hesitated to properly negotiate what they would like to be offered for example; not enough knowledge about the industry or less information regarding the “market competitive salary” thing.


Then there are other reasons too like it is your first ever job and although you want to (subtly) mention that you would want the HR to reconsider the salary package that they are offering, you don’t feel like saying that out loud. And we get that, really. We have friends who tell us that they could not talk about having their salary package revised because they think they might oversell themselves and what they end up doing is that they undersell their skill sets and everything else for that matter.

Now, we know that it can be difficult for even the most confident of all to communicate about the salary especially when you have to talk about it face to face but we are here to tell you that is completely okay to do that (and this just by the way, goes for everyone out there who is facing a tough time dealing with the salary thing at their future work place). Communicate what you feel about the package that is being offered, say it out loud if you want it to be revised otherwise, you might end up in an unhappy situation where you would be more worried about the money in general rather than focusing on your work.

Like every field of work and category of jobs that we want to do and earn money from, graphic designers also have to climb up the ladder designation-wise. As in you start as an intern of may be get your first ever pay cheque from a freelance employer and then you will land in an office that wants to hire you as their full time graphic designer and then with the passage of time and as per your skills and performance, you are promoted to higher positions so, how must you analyze the salary situation and what should be your approach about it, are the real questions here.

Whenever it comes to you as a graphic designer being paid well, you should know that it is not just about you but about the organization or employer too. Allow us to explain that in detail! So, if you happen to get a call from a multinational creative agency or brand, you must keep in mind that you can talk to them about your salary package as per your skill set as well as experience. It is a great idea to not expect a huge amount of money *only* because the organization is big. Once you know how to evaluate yourself, you will also be able to know how to initiate a conversation about your salary during an interview.

And as long as our topic are graphic designers being well paid is concerned, keep in mind that it is up to you to ask for a better package or to perform so well that your organization wants to award you with a raise / increment in your salary.

Also, unless you are a graphic designer yourself, there are chances that you might feel that your friends are getting more money than you are so, know that money here is not that thing on which you should compete – it must always be about polishing your skills and learning more and more every day that you become a better professional. Allow your work to speak for you because only that can take you to places.

That being said, we would like to say that every profession will bring good days and not so good days with it so, make sure that you learn each day to strengthen your skills and become an expert to create nothing but perfection.

We hope that this blog will help you and your friends in knowing better we know that you will be able to take informed decisions about your salary packages as well. If you have any more questions, feel free to write them down below and we’d be happy to respond to them.



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