Should Logos Be in CMYK or RGB? Beginner’s Guide

Hey there guys! We hope that you are finding all our blogs super helpful and are also creating amazing designs for your personal and professional projects by using our free & highly editable mockup PSDs, templates etc. For our today’s blog however, we have something different to talk about especially for the ones who have just started to create their own logos or we should rather say logos. If you ask us, we have always felt great while building a brand’s architecture.

You know those feels that you get by branding a person or business and it goes a long way – at least more than ten years or maybe even longer than that, right? It is not just a matter of working and creating for your clients but it is also how the world will see you & your work through various platforms. Logo designing is and will stay one of those important tasks that can make or break a brand and if done right, only then it can take you to places for all the right reasons.

If you are one of those readers who have been following and reading our blog since the beginning then you would also know that we have covered several logo related blogs, design as well as creative ideas and we have made sure that you get access to free mock-up PSD files too so that you can make your own things. In addition to designs, we know that you are also following our easy tips & tricks to be even more creative.

For (almost) all the questions that you guys ask especially regarding logo designs, we sit down and think of all the best possible and easy solutions to provide and we know this for a fact that you have been working on nothing but brilliant logo designs for years. But what we are going to be talking about today is a little different because we are taking all of you back (unless you are a newbie because in that case, we will be taking you forward) to the basics. Continue reading to know how we are going to do that!


So, should logos be in CMYK or RGB? Which one’s a better model and which one’s can be risky for your design projects? We are going to explain everything in detail but first things first; and we know that you want to know what CMYK and RGB are. In simpler words, we would like to say that CMYK is Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black and this color model is used for printing purposes whereas, RGB means Red, Blue and Green and this color model is dedicated to images for web and computer screen.

Another important thing that you must know about CMYK color model is that these colors are known as subtractive colors and that means that these colors will get darker when you blend them together.

Now, the real question is should your logos be in CMYK or is it okay to keep them in the RGB format? Allow us to explain what the better and most effective approach is so that the next time you sit down and start designing your logos, you know the way forward as well. We would want to share what we do and we like to call it as a rule of thumb too that if you are working on anything that is going to be printed then you need to work as per the CMYK model and if you are creating digital designs then your go to color model must be the RGB one. It is simple as well as easy to remember too.

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Our “rule of thumb” or trick does not just apply to big art works and other designs but it remains the same for creating logos as well but if there is anything that you want to look for yourself before you give approvals on a design, you are free to have at least one copy printed so that you know if you want more of it or if you would like to keep working with the CMYK.

Pro Tip: Try to choose colors that are almost the same in both CMYK & RGB mode so if in future you need to switch from print to web then there would not be any prominent difference.

We believe that most of you know what we are going to say next but for those who are new here need to know this as well that whenever you create a design for anything and everything, you must also create a mockup presentation to support your rationale and thought process as well. in addition to that, we know that you will also be able to explain the colors as well and that is the only approach that you and your team members must follow.

That being said, we would conclude our today’s blog by saying this out loud that you can decide what color model / format to go for when you would know the platform (print or digital) for its final reveal. We hope that you’ll find this blog interesting and that you will also share it with your friends and favorite colleagues too.


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