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As you all know that having a postal address is important for almost everyone for example; you get to receive your mail and other delivery packages at that address, you would want to share that contact information with your family members and friends who are planning to visit you etc. but it matters the most when you are a business or a service provider. Your customers will know that you exist and if there is something that needs your attention, then they can come directly to your office to have their issues resolved.

Having a postal address is also of great importance because it is one of the reasons to believe – in you and your brand / business and honestly, if you don’t have an office address then that can become a problem for you as usually, businesspeople who are nothing but scam try to keep such information hidden from their customers & authorities.

You may not feel that mentioning an address of your physical office matters until you plan to move to a new location and all of a sudden, your clientele wants to know where you are going. For every type of business, reaching out to their customers, courier services etc. individually can become difficult as in, how are you going to inform each person separately, what if they are not available at the time when you try to call them or what if they are not just there, you know!?

In such cases, we need to have a strategy that can not only help in reaching out to each concerned person efficiently, but we can also make sure that “we are being heard”. Our solution is simple (as usual) and to help you achieve your goal, we have also created a free office moving announcement flyer design template as well.

Now, all you have to do is to download and use it the way you would like to design it but there are a few pointers and tips that we would want to share here so that, you can all create brilliant design templates for your own business or for your clients. Keep reading to know more!

Creating a flyer design is one of those design tasks that we love the most but we also have a set of easy to follow tips & tricks that have always helped us in creating designs which are not only effective but are also loved by our clients as well. For example; we keep our flyer design simple but play with the fonts, their color along with the visuals so that we can make sure that only the right message is delivered without having to worry about giving unnecessary information to our audience.

So, the best way to go about an office moving announcement flyer design is to keep the copy simple by following the saying more in less words rule. You are moving to a new place and you need to mention that in a way that it grabs the attention. There is absolutely no way to write that once you were here and now you will be there because it is a flyer and not a story book – you would want to say what matters!

Although, we have already incorporated a visual image for you guys so that you do not have to spend a lot of time in finding that one pose or style which is just great but if you plan on using something else, make sure that you pick an image that depicts what’s the announcement about. There are plenty of free stock images that you can easily download from multiple websites so, drop the idea of Googling a picture and do your own research and once you have done that, choose an image that ‘explains’ the announcement well.

As far as the copy of your flyer is concerned, here is how you can use the space for all the necessary information which must be there:

  • Company name
  • The announcement itself
  • Date (You might want to add it for more clarity)
  • Address
  • Contact information that includes your phone and fax numbers as well as the company’s email address

In addition to all the pointers that you must keep in mind while designing your own office moving announcement flyer, you might also want to add the PO Box number (if that has changed as well or if it’s going to be same / previous one). And of course, once you are done creating your design(s), you can have them proofread and shared with the concerned decision makers so that you are given a final go ahead for the printing.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on our free office moving announcement flyer design template today and start working on your win designs.

Free Office Moving Announcement Flyer Design Template

Free Office Moving Announcement Flyer Design Template 2 Free-Office-Moving-Announcement-Flyer-Design-Template

Available Format: Ai
License: Free for personal usage
Zip File Includes: Free Office Moving Announcement Template Ai
Design Template Resolution: A4
Font Used: Raleway
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