COVID-19 & Social Distancing Impact On Brand Logos

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But before we start the blog today, we would like to talk to you guys for a moment as we know that you all are working from home and staying inside as per the laws and rules of your country, we get that it must be difficult for many of you to adjust to this both in context of your work as well as staying at home for literally 24 hours and having to spend more time with your family members – which we know can be super overwhelming. Know that we are here and you all can get in touch with us to discuss ideas and campaigns and even if you want to distract yourself from all the sad feels too, then feel free to reach out to us!

Let’s get back to what we have got to share with you all. As you all know that the COVID-19 has left a negative influence on many businesses around the world by making their employees sick and keeping in mind the health and safety of the team members, all companies (big & small) took a wise decision to allow their employees to work from home. Whatever has happened due to the outbreak of this virus is truly sad and somewhat out of control but brands (around the globe) had to come up with different strategies so that they can still talk to their audience in one or the other.

Many brands paused their on-going campaigns both on digital platforms as well as on the TV as the brand managers along with their advertising and marketing agencies decided to pay more attention to what needs to be addressed and that’s how important it is for everyone to stay indoors and since most of the campaigns revolve around increasing the foot fall and generating sales; it was felt like there was no point in pushing that content.

So, what we are seeing now is the Plan B that are being worked on and are being implemented as well as this will make your brand an entity that is socially responsible and doesn’t really believe in increasing the ROI when the world is suffering. Keeping that in mind, many artists started sharing their versions of logos that could be used for the communication during this time and you can check out all the logos in our previous blogs as well. And for our today’s blog; we have what can impact the social distancing during COVID-19’s outbreak through brand logos. Let’s have a look at them!

Starting off with Google; you guys must have noticed how close the alphabets are in the logo but for some time, maintaining a safe distance won’t hurt anyone and also, it will generate awareness too, on it’s own and we think that, that can be a great idea. Next up is Microsoft logo and all the boxes that have been “close” to each other since 1987 have been somewhat separated to share the idea that social distancing can save lives.

Then we have Chanel’s logo and when we look at it, we instantly know what it says – Coco Chanel but to remind the audience around the world that it is extremely important for all of us to stay away from each other for some time, these interlocking C’s we “separated” and we are glad that this perfectly depicts the idea of how being away from friends and even family members can save your life.

What is a better way to reinforce an idea that is powerful enough to deliver the message than to literally get the main face “on board? As you can see that in KFC’s recreated logo, Colonel Harland David Sanders’s face has a mask and that’s for all those individuals who are feeling sick and have flu and it will be a great idea if they could keep their mouths covered as it will stop the germs from spreading.

And if the bulls in the Red Bull’s logo can be socially distant then you can too – all you have to think about is your own self as well as for you loved ones so, that you all can be safe. That being said, we would like to encourage you all to check out all the COVID-19 and social distancing impact on brand logos in this blog and don’t forget to share which ones did you like the most. Also, feel free to share our blog with your friends and family members too. Stay socially distant until it’s over and stay safe!

COVID-19 & Social Distancing impact on Brand Logos

Amazon-Social-distancing-logo-covid-19 Dell-Social-distancing-logo-covid-19 Chanel-Social-distancing-logo-covid-19 Disney-Social-distancing-logo-covid-19 Google-Social-distancing-logo-covid-19

Innout-burger-Social-distancing-logo-covid-19 KFC-Social-distancing-logo-covid-19 Lego-Social-distancing-logo-covid-19 Red-Bull-Social-distancing-logo-covid-19 Microsoft-Social-distancing-logo-covid-19 PEPSI-Social-distancing-logo-covid-19Audi coca-cola Mcdonald-brazil VolkswagenNike
Credit: BleckDezigns



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