28+ Modern Logo Design Ideas 2020 By Alexey Akhmetov

Hi there guys! We are back with yet another interesting blog of ours in which we will be sharing not just 10 or 20 but 29 awesome logo design inspiration(s) by Alexey Akhmetov. But before we start talking about that, we would love to know how things are at your end because we know that many of us haven’t been able to step out of our houses and gone to anywhere (for that matter) and there are chances that it must be getting a little boring for us.

And while we know that it must be difficult for the majority to stay indoors for months now, we also know that we will get through this situation very soon. So, do you guys have any plans of learning a new skill during these days like learning a new language or may be getting to know how an instrument is played? If we were to mention what we are doing during the self quarantine, then we would love to share it with you guys that along with our freelance design and content projects, we are baking things too which does feel somewhat therapeutic and we might continue to being the (best) bakers that we have become.

We would also like to mention it here that even if you do not have any plans of learning a new skill then that’s okay too because what matters most right now is how we are taking care of ourselves and how our thoughts are in place too. Since, everything is new for almost all of us, it could be taking a toll on our physical and mental health as well and in order to make sure that we don’t get affected by whatever is happening around us then we need to maintain a balance between everything.

Okay so, as you all know that how much we love sharing art works and designs that are created by artists on their social media platforms etc. And for our today’s blog, we thought to do something different as there are chances many of us have a little extra time on hand and if you are not doing anything else, then you can get inspired by looking at these interesting logo designs that are created by this super amazing Russian artist, Alexey Akhmetov. He has worked as a creative designer, brand and art director for different organizations and is currently working as a lead designer at Mail.ru Group.

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Alexey works on building the architecture for many different categories of brands that range from restaurants to jewelry to coffee shops and for clinics as well and we absolutely love how vast his experience is that he his designs and art works speak for themselves – it is like the creative thoughts are alive and can communicate with the audience efficiently. That’s how a great design approach works not just for the artist but also for the product it was created for.

So, to help you all get back your creative juices and start working on things that you will feel proud of, we have made a collection of multiple logo designs that were created by Alexey for his clients and we would encourage you all to go through them one by one in order to understand the thought process behind a specific logo design and if you want to expand your research then you can check out the brands’ Facebook Pages, Instagram accounts and websites to see how they are doing aesthetics-wise.

But there is more to it and we are going to be sharing that in this part of our blog. If you are interested in creating something for your own brand today or later this week, then feel free to follow all these effective design tips & tricks to make things work for you!

First things first; you need to know and understand the brand before you start working on creating the logo. It is absolutely necessary to fully know the objectives and advertising and marketing plans for at least a year before you set the ideology and define it in your way.

Your next step should be to make your logo design reflect the brand or in simpler words; the nature of the business. By doing so, you will be able to speak to the target audience without explaining anything. Your logo will take care of that along with your witty and effective tagline.

Choose colors wisely, we know that colors can be overwhelming for people especially when they want their designs to be unique but there comes a time when things start to confuse the eyes and instead of picking up 3 attractive and meaningful colors, we end up using more than 3 colors which have to be revised at later stages. Read more on the color psychology and then finalize the colors for your logo designs.

Fonts and design elements can be crucial too so, you need to pick them carefully otherwise, they won’t look too nice and there are chances that you will have to rework on your design ideas. And lastly, choose the type of your logo but keep it simple so, that none of your communication confuses your potential customers.

And that’s all for today! We hope that you will find this blog helpful and will also create your very own logo designs after checking out these 29 awesome logo design inspiration by Alexey Akhmetov.

29 Modern Logo Design Ideas 2020 By Alexey Akhmetov

Alex-Smart-Logo Argo-Tourism-Logo-Design Art-&-Show-Logo-Design Barbarus-Barbershop-Logo-Design Brick-Construction-Logo

Bucher-Shop-Barcode-Logo Butcher-Shop-Logo City-Cafe-Logo Coffee-&-Bakery-Logo-Design Coffee-Kiss-Logo-Design Concern-Professional-Clinic-Logo Doma-Restaurant-Logo-Design DX-Media-Logo-Design Eight-Design-Bureau-Logo-Design Fermer-Gastrobar-Logo Food-Market-Logo-Design Genomic-Analysis-Logo-Design Lardaux-Geneve-Logo Live-Logo-Design Logo-For-1888 Logo-For-a-Coffee-Shop Logo-For-Kukhnya

Credit: alexeyakhmetov.design


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