Free Grocery Home Delivery During Coronavirus Flyer Design Template PSD

Hey there guys! Let’s start a conversation today before we start talking about the design that we have created for you along with the template. So, how is it going? Have you guys worked on new projects that impressed your team members as well as your clients? And the ones who are not working yet, did you guys get to learn new stuff like cooking, painting, sketching etc.? Oh, and even if you got your hands on a new game too then feel free to share that with us in the comments section down below.

Oh, and if you guys want to know about us and our new hobbies then we would like to flaunt that we are trying out new recipes these days. From cooking to baking and making desserts that do not require to be baked, we think that we are having a lot of fun in doing that. It is not just therapeutic for us, but we think that we must spend some time in the kitchen so that we can cook whatever we want to cook without having to order it from our favorite restaurants.

And while we were cooking something last week, we thought of creating a design template that can help our readers who run a business of delivering vegetables & fruits to homes etc. (You are welcome!). So, without wasting anymore time, we would like to dive right into the design process as we are about to give you all a run through of the design template that we have created and we are sure that after reading this blog, you guys will be able to create brilliant designs for your own delivery business as well as for your clients’.

First things first; as you all know that all our mock-up PSD files and design templates are absolutely free so that you don’t have to pay anything to get your hands on the files that are designed creatively, keeping in mind that anyone can work on them. Another important thing that you must know is that we keep the designs unique yet generic so that you can play with colors, design elements as well as fonts too if you want to change them to meet your brief’s requirements so, that’s that!

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Our free vegetables / fruits home delivery flyer design template was created by dividing it into different sections that have prominent positions of their own which makes the easier to look at. We have also used high resolution photos along with the sections so that you can get an idea about the basic design theme as well. As you can see that we have kept the place for the logo on the top left corner so that you can do the branding there whereas; the service that you are planning to provide has a separate section of its own, you can use this area for your brand tagline as well.

Then comes the variety of items that you are planning to deliver to your customers’ houses, and we have made a list of those items, but you can also use bullets to define that section some more. And in the bottom right corner, you can mention your helpline number that will be used for placing orders and along with that you can also add another number on which a potential customer can reach out to a team member for queries etc. If you want, you are free to add in your email address as well in case you want more people to get in touch with you through different platforms.

Another suggestion, that we think should be shared is the use of good quality images. Preferably, you must get a photo shoot done for your brand / company so that you do not have to rely on Google images but if you budget does not allow then try picking stock images that are not used commonly so that it can keep your flyer design different.

In addition to all things creative & fancy, we also want you to personally check the material (paper) on which the flyers are going to be printed. Let us share how you can decide that easily! Always keep in mind that your flyers are going to be distributed at malls, super markets and will also be placed on the windshields of vehicles which means that the paper has to be durable enough so that it can long for a while.

There are papers available like 100# gloss text paper which is thick and then there is an 80# gloss text paper that is as thick as a magazine cover. You can choose any text paper that you think won’t disturb the allotted budget and have the flyers printed in bulks to save money but always do that once you have proofread the flyer’s copy and have gotten the design approved by the concerned decision makers.

Free Grocery Home Delivery During Coronavirus Flyer Design Template PSD

Free-Grocery-Home-Delivery-In-Coronavirus-Flyer-Design-Template-PSD-File Free-Grocery-Home-Delivery-In-Coronavirus-Flyer-Design-Template-PSD-File

Available Format: PSD
License: Free for personal & commercial usage
RAR File Includes: Free Home Delivery Flyer Template
Design Template Resolution: A4
Font Used: Aller, Thirsty Script) > Link to Download

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