Feast for the Eyes | 20+ New Negative Space Animal Logo Marks by Daniel Lasso

Hello everyone! It feels like another day, another blog covering some awesome logo designs created by one of the finest graphic designers, Daniel Lasso from Popayán, Colombia and we know that you guys are going to love the negative space animal logo marks designed by him. But before we start sharing what this talented man has created, we would like to talk about logo marks and how negative space logos are not only impressive but they can instantly grab attention and we know that, that’s what we want.

So, what is a logo mark? Allow us to explain that and more! Normally, a logo is made of a logotype and a logo mark. Logotype is a couple of words or may be the names of a business which are designed in a way that after some time, they become the identity of that brand whereas; a logo mark is the identifying mark (it could also be a symbol). A logo mark does not have the name of the business, but it is a drawing or illustration that represents that business.

Now, let us have a look at the thought and process behind a negative space logo. A logo artist used the background of an image to create another image and that results in a negative space logo. With this unique design technique, you can convey a number of visions & thoughts to your audience. We know that we have said this before as well and we are going to say it again too that negative space logo happens to look really neat, clever and to the point and that is what we love about them.

There are multiple tips & tricks to create your own negative space logo marks but we are going to be sharing some secrets which can help you design one of the best negative space logos marks in no time and when we are done, we will share the Feast for the Eyes | Negative space animal logo marks by Daniel Lasso.

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First things first, you got to know your negative space – and the positive space too to ensure that you are on the right track. It may look difficult at first but that is the first step to designing the most brilliant negative space logo marks so, keep reading to know more!

If you have a type face that needs to be incorporated into the logo then it will be a lot easier than using a picture / image for creating the logotype. Your biggest inspiration could be the logo of FedEx that happens to have an arrow between the letters “E” and “X”. And for a picture based negative space logo mark, you can have a look at the logo of NBC in which there is a peacock and its feathers.

To start your logo mark, you can list down as many things as you can associate with the picture to make it work. For example; if it is an animal welfare organization that happens to take care of stray cats and dogs, then you can create something out of the paws to be relevant and to also convey your message in the best way possible. If you are working on a negative space logo mark for a stationery store, then using a sharped pencil can be your first safest bet. All you need to do is to find that clever negative space in the pictures, drawings etc.

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We would also like to mention this here that finding that perfect space and utilize it to create a negative space logo mark can be tricky and sometimes, difficulty. We know that and we would want you guys to know that there are many other ways to make things work for you. The easiest of them all is to overlap the objects. When you would do that, you will find a negative space somewhere in that overlapping and there you are going to hit it on the right spot.

Another tip for creating the best negative space logo marks is to surround three sides of the negative space with positive space elements. By doing so, you will be able to spread the message effectively as it will make the negative space stand out well.

Let’s have a look at what Daniel Lasso has created! He picked different animals to create negative space logo marks and each one of them stands apart, is thoroughly impressive and we love how brilliantly the Daniel used his skills and utilized the negative space for his creations. From fox to seagull to taco toucan and lion to deer to a really clever penguin logo mark, you will see the creativity and thoughts being conveyed in a powerful manner.

Now it is time for you to check out all the amazing creations as they are a feast for the eyes so, that you can also appreciate the artistic approach of Daniel Lasso. Don’t forget to share which one the logo marks are your favorite in the comment section down below!

Credit: Daniel Lasso

Feast for the Eyes | Negative Space Animal Logo Marks by Daniel Lasso

Fox-Negative-Space-Logo-Design Magpie-Negative-Space-Logo-Design Swallow-Negative-Space-Logo-Design Lion-Negative-Space-Logo-Design Flamingo-Negative-Space-Logo-Design

Humming-Bird-Negative-Space-Logo-Design Toucan-Negative-Space-Logo-Design Camel-Negative-Space-Logo-Design Another-Bird-Negative-Space-Logo-Design Lizard-Negative-Space-Logo-Design Woodpecker-Negative-Space-Logo-Design Roe-deer-Negative-Space-Logo-Design Penguin-Negative-Space-Logo-Design Ox-Negative-Space-Logo-Design Toucan-Negative-Space-Logo-Design-2 Herons-Negative-Space-Logo-Design Peacock-Negative-Space-Logo-Design Deer-Negative-Space-Logo-Design Bird-Negative-Space-Logo-Design Bear-Negative-Space-Logo-Design Koala-Bear-Negative-Space-Logo-Design


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