New Stunning Negative Space Logos by George Bokhua

Hello there everyone! We are back with yet another interesting blog of ours but before we start talking about what we have been working on, we would like to thank each one of you for your constructive feedback and for always being super supportive. It’s you guys who always motivate us to keep creating and sharing nothing but the best.

Our today’s blog is going to be about negative space logos, why are they becoming the new cool and then we will be sharing new and stunning logos that are created by George Bokhua. So, let’s get started!

First things first; a negative space logo is a logo that is created by using the background image to create another image. It is as simple as that but what is so cool about a negative space logo that many organizations are shifting towards this not so new “trend”? Well, for starters, we would like to say that it is the attention that a business needs to grab and when that is done in style, that’s when you know you can communicate with your audience in a better way.

Secondly, negative space logos are designed in such a way that they can deliver more than one messages and that is the best thing about them. For example; through a plain & simple logo, you happen to promote your business the old way but with a negative space logo, it is not just the name that is out there but you are also able to depict the services that you are providing to your audience. That hidden meaning is one clever way to convince your potential customers that you have got something unique and different to offer and they won’t regret giving you and your products / services a try.

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Now, as a customer you would know that a business that keeps up with the modern techniques and trends always remain at the top. There could be many individual reasons for anyone to sort of judge the brand they purchase their stuff from but if that brand is working on the same lines, they were working ten years ago then that’s a problem and we will tell you why. No one and we mean absolutely no one likes a dead brand. Yeah, your new collection must be attractive and all but how exactly are you approaching your audience? How are you communicating with them? Is a static post on your Facebook Page enough for you and your business?

Those are a few questions that you must ask yourself when it comes to branding and marketing your business. And in that pool of questions, you will also have to work on the main thing – the branding and the communication. Gone are the days when it would be enough for any business to just create a Facebook Page and customers would like it and forget about it. You have to be present everywhere for everyone that too in a way that is intriguing enough to convince them to spend their money on your business. Branding yourself with a negative space logo is one of those effective things that can help you in staying ahead in the game.

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We love how creative individuals around the world are always working on stuff that benefits businesses in one way or the other and we know that once you are done checking out George’s negative space logos, you will be inspired to create brilliant logos for yourself and for your clients but first, allow us to introduce you guys with George. He is a New York based logo designer and has created hundreds of logos for multiple projects. Interestingly, George has worked with Disney, Wired Magazine, New Balance etc. and has played his part in helping these businesses reach where they are right now.

Just look at his negative space logo that he has created for Neg Biker (an escort group of bikers who provide security during sports events) and the way he has used the negative space to depict the biker on the bike is simply amazing. His logo for the Writers House is one of our most favorite negative space logos – it is to the point and makes so much sense just like that.

Bokhua has also created a stunning logo for a real estate company Flipcasa and you will be amazed to look at how brilliantly the negative space was used to make this logo and the way it is complementing the business name deserves all the appreciation. And then there are logos for Limoni, Ele and many others that are going to make you grab your sketch book and start creating something for your own business and we can bet that you are going to create something magical out of it.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this blog and we also hope that you will also share it with your favorite colleagues too so, what are you waiting for? Click the share button right away and become a source of inspiration for others too.

Credit: George Bokhua

New Stunning Negative Space Logos by George Bokhua

Cat-Negative-Space-Logo-Design cyclist-Negative-Space-Logo-Design Dog-Cat-Negative-Space-Logo-Design Dog-Negative-Space-Logo-Design Farmer-Negative-Space-Logo-Design

Girl-Negative-Space-Logo-Design horses-Negative-Space-Logo-Design Lee-Negative-Space-Logo-Design Neg-Dog-Negative-Space-Logo-Design Peace-Negative-Space-Logo-Design snakes-Negative-Space-Logo-Design Stork-Negative-Space-Logo-Design superhero-Negative-Space-Logo-Design Unicorn-Negative-Space-Logo-Design Writers-House-Negative-Space-Logo-Design


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