Creative Word Marks For Inspiration by Daniel Bodea

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If you are one of our regular readers then you would know how much we love sharing art works, creative thoughts and some amazing designs created by people around the globe. Featuring them in our blog not only helps us in giving you guys a pool of ideas to work on, but we feel great to inspire you for your upcoming design projects. And in our today’s blog, we are going to be talking about Daniel Bodea and how he creates brilliant word marks. His project name on Behance is Word Mark (which jbtw is also an animated word mark).

Daniel shares that he came up with this really interesting idea of creating word marks for his clients and otherwise. He uses custom made fonts to create these word marks and with a twist of creativity, he keeps them static or animated as per the requirements of the logo itself. We would love to share more about Daniel and after that we will dive right into word marks and how you can create such powerful logos in no time. Daniel, a Romanian brand identity and logo designer who also creates illustrations, packaging designs as well as on logo animations.

We love Daniel’s energy, creativity and skills that he put into his designs and his project Word Mark is one of the many examples of him working on and sharing out of the box ideas with the world. Back in the day, we all used to love static images and designs and there were very few artists who were working on animations, but things have changed now and for good. We believe and most of you will agree with us that animations are more effective and can attract the audience in a better way too. And well, that is exactly what a business needs – more and more recognition, positive word of mouth and trust of their audience.

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Allow us to explain what a word mark is so that you guys can also suggest a new way of branding the business of your client and if you yourself own a business then we can bet that innovation and newness won’t hurt one bit. Okay so, a word mark is text-based logo that represents the business without any picture or symbol. In simpler words, a word mark can also be defined as text only typographic treatment of a (company / product / institution) name. However, as far as the tag line of your brand etc. is concerned, it is totally up to you to include or exclude that.

Creating a word mark might sound like a really tough task but trust us when we say this: it isn’t and with the passage of time, you just get better at it. It is, no doubt super important to create the rhythm in the words and you do not have to look for anywhere else to find that for your word mark, really because it is there – literally there right in front of your eyes. You just need to sit with the words and think of all the possible ways to depict that typographic element out of them.

To begin the process, have a look at the word marks that we see around us for example; FedEx and the right facing arrow which was added to the logo to depict precision and speed. Or 31 in Baskin Robbins’ logo stand for thirty-one different ice cream flavors and this campaign was actually designed to celebrate the fact that there is a new flavor for each day of a month.

And of course, we have a variety of word marks created by Daniel Bodea as well that are to the point, are attractive enough to grab your attention and you will also get ideas on how to create your own word mark logos. EASYVOTE is our personal favorite and by looking at it, you will see why. The words are there but all Bodea had to do was to depict the process of easy voting and there you have it, a functional word mark.

Another amazing word mark created by Daniel is of PINE. The alphabets are there and with the interesting animation pint trees appearing in the frame is subtle and brilliant. There are many more word marks by Daniel that you guys must check out. And while you are at it, we would love to know which ones you liked the most. You can tell us in the comments section down below.

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Credit: Daniel Bodea

Creative Word Marks For Inspiration by Daniel Bodea

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Lion-Logo-Design Lime-Logo Library-Logo-Design INC Discount-Logo Dino-Logo



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