35 Exquisite Collection of Soccer Badges / Logos For Inspiration

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Earlier this week, we got to receive a couple of requests for soccer related designs and ideas so here we are with an exquisite collection of soccer badges for your inspiration. If you are about to start working on your new design project that requires you to create soccer badges, then keep reading the blog as we will share a few design tips to help you guys make awesome designs.

Like every game or club, a badge is designed so that it can be used by the team members to represent who they are playing for. In addition to that, kits that are awarded to the players, accessories and items that are used to play that game are branded utilizing the very badges and other relevant designs. The sole purpose of branding a kit or accessories is to promote, market and organically advertise the club and then of course, you get the recognition too.

Easy to recognize branding designs and badges etc. stay in the minds of people who happen to look at them and with the right marketing and advertising strategies, you achieve your goals in a better way. All the badges work great because maximum is being said by doing the minimum for example; you can use these badges anywhere and you even won’t have to explain anything but the audience will know what is being talked about and what teams / clubs are playing today etc.

There are many ways of creating a soccer badge or any badge for that matter. For instance; you need to pick the colors that represent the team or club or anything else, then a pictorial depiction of what the team represents like if it is soccer, you would want to show speed, performance, sportsman spirit etc. so you might want to choose a face of a lion with a soccer ball. Or you can pick a characteristic that represents the traditions of an area etc. or maybe you can also involve the founder’s personality traits into the badge design too just to create the association. These are some of the basic ideas that you can pick for creating a soccer badge.

The soccer badges that we have included in our collection to inspire you guys and to give you creative ideas on how to brand a soccer club are not only different from the regular soccer badges that you may have seen in the past but these badges are speak for themselves too.

From canons to Chinese dragons to bears, bees and snakes to a very neat space ship – our exquisite collection of soccer badges is a pool of interesting ideas and thoughts that you can put into your own design process and we can bet that you guys will create some amazing badges that will make you proud in days to come.

Allow us to share a few easy to follow design tips so that you can start working in the badges right away! First things first, get to know and read about the team or club you are supposed to create the branding for. This is the very first step and you would not want to skip it because the data and information that you will get during the process will help you come up with the ideas that’d be nothing but the best.

You know you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to creating a badge for example; you can create a badge that says the team name along with a cool tag line or you can include an image or two to make it even more appealing. Adding design elements also enhance the overall look of the design so, we would suggest experimenting with everything that you can in order to end up with a great soccer badge.

For colors, it is important to stand apart from the crowd. Red and blue colors are widely used and that’s okay too but how about picking up a different color palette for your soccer club to actually bring something new to the ground!? Another suggestion that we have and we’d love to share it with you guys is that golden color brings gives a classy look to anything you put it on and to create a balance in your designs, give this royal color a try too.

That is all for today! Check out the entire collection of these exquisite soccer badges and feel free to be inspired. And while you are at it, don’t forget to share our blog and tips with your friends and favorite colleagues too.

Credit: Trey Ingram

35 Exquisite Collection of Soccer Badges / Logos For Inspiration



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